Royal Marines launch large-scale mission against Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Royal Marines launch large-scale mission against Taliban

    Royal Marines in Afghanistan have launched a large scale operation into Taliban territory.

    The five-day mission, codenamed Operation Ghartse Dagger, involved some 600 British troops.

    Marines from 40 Commando's Brave Company led an assault on the western area of Sapwan Kala.

    The assault involved aerial bombardment by fighter aircraft and helicopters as well as long range artillery as back up.

    A firefight between the marines and Taliban fighters broke out after troops had been moving through the area.

    The marines had been moving from compound to compound searching for Taliban members.

    Mortars, Javelin missiles and Apache helicopters were used in the attack before the Taliban positions were destroyed.

    None of the Royal Marines were reported as being injured in the firefight.

    Sky News claims the assault was the biggest against the Taliban in the south of Afghanistan by the British army since the taking of Musa Qala last year.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that Ghartse Dagger was a "routine operation" for British troops in the region.
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  3. Bravo Company surely! (They're all brave after all!)

    Good luck to 'em.
  4. Shit hot!
  5. More from the MOD
  6. Loved this bit:

    Gurkha Engineers wired the main compound with 15kgs of plastic explosive bar []while two marines played 'paper, scissors, stones' for the right to throw a grenade [/]into the smaller living quarters.
  7. That made me laugh. Good lads.
  8. Silly boys, they should both have thrown one! No need to fight!

    Pour it on the b*stards lads!