Royal Marines invade Devon and Cornwall

Bet the pikeys wont be out in force trying to take this lot home and bang them on ebay!
Wija72 said:
More sh1t washing up on the South coast then!!


Edited because my geography of the South coast is not good!
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Local headlines

'More turds wash up on coastline'
The marines beat a hasty retreat and went off to find the real Gibraltar. This, locals observed, was easily recognisable because it had a 1,398ft high rock sticking out of it.
as classic a quote as i ever did see.....
Cutaway said:
New eqpt currently on demand for RM.

I thought the Marines used Army compasses. If they were using RAF/civvy compasses, this could explain their bad navigation. Lucky they didn't end up in Morocco.

Clue: look at the graduations

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