Royal Marines in Afghanistan

Good to see Booties haven't changed, running around in gay shreddies and getting their cocks out at any opportunity.

I thought it was a good programme, some of the expressions may be lost on the "Civvie" audience, but, they should be able to get the gist.

Amazing to see the shit you guys have to go through out there in the front line, much respect to all whether Pongo or Booty.

What would I know about it though as an ex matelot who's last bit of brown adrenaline was bobbing about in a minefield off kuwait, waiting for a plastic minesweeper to come and get us out.
Me and the missus watched it, good bunch of lads in very gay underwear, my missus was delighted with the stand up bathing, particularly the lad with the large cannon in the background, she splashed all the way upstairs.

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