Royal marines have benn given a very difficult and dangerous new task

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fattwat, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Op TwattheTwat.. The comments below the article are priceless.
  2. Operation Icebreaker if the weather stays the same.
  3. Operation Mow Down The Pinko's
  4. Operation Leave Him Long Enough... and leave the Thames barrier down...
  5. Operation Toffs Shield
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  6. I'm more concerned that the posh tw4t who disrupted the race in the name of anti-elitism has managed to spawn.
  7. Will they get a medal seeing they may cross the water ....hope they follow new SOP's and don't take IPODS on board incase they are confiscated. Or will we get Marines going Commando doing a bit of naked roll mat fighting during to keep the crowd entertained whilst waiting for the boats to appear.
  8. I think you missed out the cross dressing cliche, old fruit. :roll:
  9. Predictably unimaginative, you don't have the flair for artful banter do you
  10. Does this mean they'll know the colour of the boathouse?
  11. Operation Who Gives a Fuck
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  12. I hope they get a medal, the brave heroes.
  13. Working on it..............

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  14. They'll be on the lash shagging the toff totty in Richmond, the poor bastards. :)

    That and drowning protesters, what's not to like?
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