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Did anyone ever 'wear' a poncho?
I saw a bloke wearing one on exercise in 2004.

Admittedly, the 'Exercise' was in Alpendorf, Austria, and we were all learning to ski.

And he was wearing a foam Bishop's Mitre.

And the poncho had 'Cardinal Chunder' daubed on it in white paint, due to him being the current holder of the title.

But that counts, right?
Did anyone ever 'wear' a poncho?

Standfast the 3 amigos.
Yes. Once. When a Woofer Colour decided it would be a brill idea to make the cadets all wear 'em on stag on a week long exercise in shit weather. We had a work experience group along and they didn't have Goretex, waterproofs or Bashas... so we didn't either. :roll:
So will they be shirts tucked in or out ?


Read the RNTM, it's made clear there.
Speaking of RNTM’s they’ve released the Financial reward incentive RNTM today.

The FRI is available to Regular RM. The FRI payments adopt a graduated profile with different (gross) values for different lengths of Return of Service (RoS): They are as follows
a. £10,000 for 24-month/2-yr RoS
b. £15,000 for 36-month/3-yr RoS
c. £20,000 for 48 month/4-yr RoS
3. Eligibility Window. The FRI eligibility window

Cheers easy!


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Did anyone ever 'wear' a poncho?

Standfast the 3 amigos.
Heres a couple of Irans finest on a course at CTC in the 70's, I'm not that fluent in their tongue but roughly translated he's saying, "Broadsword calling Danny boy..........."
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So when are we disbanding the SBS/ SAS then?

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Vanguard Strike....ffs, straight out of a Tom Clancy novel for teenagers.
The b0llsh1t bingo in there is a work of art

will lead and inform
operate and fight
a dynamic, technological era of warfare.
networked sub-units
persistently forward deployed
sophisticated enabling capabilities,
dilemmas to adversaries whilst supporting partners.
forward contingency force
agile and lethal capability
for war-fighting, specific combat missions
spearhead of operations.

When will someone tell these people they sound like idiots and all the jargon is not in the least impressive?


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