Royal Marines Get Ready For Afghanistan


Royal Marines Get Ready For Afghanistan

Feb 8 2008 By Annie Brown

TWO hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle, the Royal Marine 45 Commandos are preparing for the likelihood of a mission to Afghanistan.

Although there has been no official confirmation as yet, the Arbroath-based Marines are expected to be deployed within months.

But for now, in a gruelling cold-weather warfare exercise on an island just off Norway, the enemy is not al Qaeda but survival in the the gruelling sub-zero conditions, where temperatures can plummet to -45 degrees Celsius.

It is a cold so intense that it can freeze the lungs and there is no greater endurance test for the 400 troops considered the elite of the Royal Navy.
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its not like they havent been before to either the Artic or Afghanistan!
You have to love journos. This week they were banging on about the 16 Air Assault Bde deployment and the subsequent 3 Cdo Bde deployment, saying that they will both deploy nearly 8,000 men, cue comments from civvies such as '16,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and we still cant win, pah!'

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