ROYAL MARINES COMMANDO. IT'S A STATE OF MIND. In new 5 Million advertising campaign.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by THESUNJOCK, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. What's a 'swerve captain'?
  2. Did you paintshop that very badly, or are his eyes really set to both dip and dazzle?
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  3. I think it's in reference to his wang eye, who knows.
  4. It's like suave only swerver.
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  5. *WAH shield etc* I think they mean 'suave'
  6. Their site is run by spelling walts.
  7. That's Auto eyes.

    One's automatic....

    The other's all to cock...
  8. If you and your family could just die screaming that would be really, really great.
  9. Bloke tells lies shock horror, Earth stops revolving as a result.

    Oh, sorry, nobody cares and nothing happens.
  10. The whole "walts" thing is a bit of a cunt's occupation... although occasionally amusing.

    But when in the name of all that's good and drunken did this "Walter Cumper" thing develop?
    Seriously, whoever dreamed that up just needs to die in a fire. A televised fire.
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  11. Football match eyes. Ones playing at home and the other is away!
  12. He probably meant 'bustier'.
  13. I care! Oh no, sorry, you're right I don't... I hate Walt threads they take up some of my life...
  14. I'd chip in on pay per view for that show...