Royal Marines Berets

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Why do the Royals never seem to be able to shape their berets very well, they always appear to be too small and sit on their heads like a pimple on a ducks arse.

    They may be tough but their beret shaping skills are pants !
  2. tell that to the marines...

    personally i quite like the arnhem effect that many of them style... beats the chippy, flat-cap 9Sqn/RAF regt style

  3. It's only a fcukin hat :roll:
  4. But to a Marine its a hat that has had to be earned, dont complete the course....u dont get the hat!!

    But as for RAF Berets...nuff said!!
  5. a hat is a hat, be it a red beret, green beret, blue beret, sandy beret, flat cap or knotted handkerchief.
  6. I bought a box of 20 assorted berets from e-bay! Cost me about £20.

  7. ok, fair point, but it's still just a headcovering, a hard one to get, granted, but still a hat, totally agree about the RAF :p the worst one I've seen to date has to be the eyetie alpine guys with the huge feather, kewl if your Robin Hood, but why stick 'em into your battle bowler :eek:
  8. And watch how your post disappears....

    Read the top stickies. Talk about 'hats' your post goes. It's getting too dull repating myself.

  9. STOP! apply safety catches and listen in :lol: I,m not using the term hat in that way at all, I'm a hat, I meant it as" It's only a fcukin headcovering device"

    Fcukin 'ell 8O
  10. Only £20? Not ex-SAS or "as worn by special forces" then... :)
  11. I know, hence your post remains!!!! B20 on the other hand did, hence his post went.
  12. to be honest i think their to tired to shape the beret lol.... after the 30 mill march/run and they receive it i think their to knackered to even try.
  13. 30 mils, thats not even a right incline :)
  14. DM

    Fair one mate, didn't read the distructions first.

    Couldn't help myself.

    I'll play nice now.
  15. No dramas.