Royal Marines band tours Helmand

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 31, 2011.

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  2. 'During its month-long tour of Afghanistan......' How strange. Just enough time to earn the players of the Love Trumpet and the Blue Veined Piccolo a nice new shiney medal. Or am I being cynical?

    (added for fairness and compassion: They could of course been there as Medics and Stretcher bearers)
  3. The days of using bandsmen as medics and stretcher bearers are well over. Would you like a bandsman or a RAMC medic treating you if both your legs had gone or you had a sucking chest wound?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good Grief! I remember this from 4-monthers in Ulster, and the abuse that the Band got on our return was amazing. It's done purely and simply to ensure that Bandsmen can parade with bling. In NI they gave a couple of concerts in old folks' homes, orphanages, and other escape-proof places, built a couple of dry stone blast walls (purely for the photo opps) and generally ate all the pies.

    I see that in Afghanistan they aren't even leaving the wire - fair enough, I suppose, as they'd be a positive liability.

    People want to find ways the MOD wastes money? This would be A-No1 Top of the Heap for me. Disgraceful.
  5. I thought the RAF press releases were cringe-worthy, but this one tops them.

    Truly, truly gay.
  6. "Sorry Smudge, your R&R has been put back a week."

    "But I've made plans!"

    "Sorry buddy, no room on the flight out."

    "Why the **** not?!?!?"

    "I'm not sure, something was said about fat *****, and flutes....made no sense to me."
  7. Just an excuse so they can have a new medal and walt it up
  8. So much bitterness...

    You all wish you could play instruments don't you? Or you came home one nigh tto the find the love of your life being made airtight by the good fellows from Kneller Hall.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I do remember, with great amusement, the fate of a Bandsman who was in just that err, position, when the Inf Corporal came home unexpectedly mid-Tour for some reason (Escorting a prisoner I think). The Bandsman was unable to play anything ever again, and Cpl P J got 1 years' loss of promotion, as the CO looked askance at pad's wives being shagged while their hubby was on Ops.
  10. This wasn't in Canterbury was it by any chance? If so, what a legend! I can 'see' him now (the Corporal, later a Sergeant) but for the life of me, I can't remember his name - it'll come! The mists are clearing..... first name Pat. Got it: second name J******s.
  11. I always thought RM bandies were good value. They always worked hard in their driver/stretcher dude role and then were happy enough to knock around and bang out some gigs

    Not sure of manning on current ops, but take away the bandies and no doubt more warry types from other fighty units would get jiffed I/C shoite jobs

    And in terms of PR they are at it all the time.

    Marching off Lypschwitz drill square to the band hammering life on the ocean wave may have coloured my opinion a bit.

    get over yourselves
  12. fixed that for you. Gayer.
  13. That'd be fine....if they were being IC shite jobs for a whole tour. They're there for a month - just enough time to nip to the American PX, and then return to the UK. The most they might be doing is covering a few gaps during R&R, but even then I doubt it.
  14. They were in Sydney when I was fighting for my country on Long Look.

    They are a good band.

    Mind you, this sounds like a medal hunt.

    Surely the Booties would rather a CSE night's entertainment with Joe Pasquale, Showaddywaddy, and a troupe of fat arsed minger dancers?
  15. I have to say that many of you are being very cynical without knowing any of the facts! The band that were visiting to perform to the troops out in theatre did not stay in area long enough to qualify for the medal so that one can be put to bed straight away! Also many of those performing went out with the Royal Marines previous tour on Herrick 11 as part of the CLR for the whole tour as CLP Drivers and Vehicle commanders. On this current operation, Herrick 14 the Band from CTCRM are out there for the whole tour working on and around Bastion. How do i know this to be fact? Because I have a partner who went on the alleged medal hunt!
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