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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dutybootie, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. I have previsouly posted this in the 83% thread but was advised to start a new thread to get max coverage, so here goes...

    Having taken the plunge and inaugurated myself onto the Army network I thought it apt that I comment on a subject that has become very close to my heart. As the name suggests I currently belong to the Royal Marines, I have, however just submitted my paperwork to transfer to the AAC as a pilot. I'm really looking for any advice although I am aware most of the advice given will have been posted and subsequently digested already.

    I'm keen to seek out any ex Royal Marine pilots within the AAC at present. Coming from a different service is not impossible but there have already been some hurdles put up that closely resemble the great wall of China! Any advice from ex booties is greatly appreciated, or anyone who knows the score with us transferring. I am 29 just now and am aware I will be cutting it fine to get on course by the time I'm 30 but in true bootneck style, there's nothing like a challenge made ten times more difficult by a looming timeline!!

    So far I have submitted my AGAI43 and RNTM 143, it's flown through Fleet's hands and is now en route to Glasgow!!! If it makes it all the way with no issues I'll be amazed but here's hoping.

    Concurrently doing as much as possible to up my maths (DST and Mental agility etc)and learn all about the Army and the way the great beast works compared to the Corps. Flight theory and engine principles are also top of the reading list at present.

    I realise this has been a Tolstoy(esque) post but thought better to give as much info as possible and hopefully get the gains. Many Thanks in advance for your help.

    Ducking my head back under the parapet for fear of pot shots.
  2. I don't think you'll get any pop shots mate.

    There are a few booty pilots who transferred over to the Army Air Corps but if I recall I think they'd already sat and passed their Army Pilots Course.

    Give them a couple of days to filter through and I'm sure they'll respond or PM you
  3. Stories that filter through - have all said that Booty PIlots do a brilliant job,mate !!

    Stick at it - Good Luck - & UTRINQUE PARATUS !! :D :D
  4. One former Marine and another Matelot have just passed the pilots course. If i'm correct both transferred to the AAC purely to be accepted onto the pilots course. In addition I believe both were over 30 before starting the course.

    It can be done!! Keep trying, stay keen and motivated and I'm sure we will see you in a light blue beret before long!
  5. Many Thanks, MDN, Iscoed and Rushmere.
    Hopefully get some good feedback, and advice.
    Rushmere you wouldn;t happen to have names/contact details would you, if they've just finsihed the course they would be ideal guys to talk to about my current situation. If not then hopefully they're members of Arrse.
    Many Thanks again
  6. Db, not sure I can give you any more info. Have you pm'd Lord Flasheart, he's a bit old and dithery but he's somehow managed to blag a post at MW.

  7. What a low blow... :D
    He remembers NOT to piss in the 'Fridge anymore - at night 8O

    He also checks the tyre pressures on the Aircraft, BEFORE he starts his day job !! Can't say fairer than that :lol:
  8. Oi! I can read all this yer know.

    I've chatted to Dutybootie and basically said that if the AAC is willing to take timex, they'll pretty much take anyone. The barrel has well and truly had its arse kicked out of it.

    Seriously though, the Corps would be daft not to take an experienced booty. We have a massive push on recruiting NCOs yet again (The Corps currently has a 40/60% NCO/Officer aircrew split and it should be the other way round).
  9. Nice one TLF :D

    ...was it true that timex was caught 'in flagrante delicto' recently... :? :lol:

  10. If Flagrante Delicto is a small Spanish waiter then yes more than likely.

  11. One can only wish........... 8O 8O
  12. Many Thanks for the feedback. Had a few PM's which are greatly appreciated also. It's good to hear the path is slightly more trodden than I had initially thought.

    I'm also trying to jack up a visit to both Wattisham and Middle Wallop but short of calling random numbers at each establishment I'm seeking some help. Any volunteers hugely appreciated! It must be stated I will endevour to avoid constant questions and being a general pain in the rear. All be it some questions may have to be asked.

    Thank you for your ongoing help.