Royal Marines any tips?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gibbo46, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm certain you will see a lot of posts like this, but i have just been successful in passing my PRMC does anyone have any insider tips on recruit training, Many thanks.
  2. Try posting your question on a Navy forum - like Rum ration.
  3. Okay no worries thanks buddy thought it was worth a shot.
  4. and buy a nice dress, with matching accessories.
  5. Try not to bend over in the shower.
  6. Use the PRMC forum its exactly what you are after.
  7. Don't take to heart any banter from Pongo's, they are just envious that they didn't try harder when they were young.

    Do as much running and circuit training as you can. Make sure your swimming is of a good standard.
    Try to toughen up your feet by wearing forces style boots as much as possible.
    Mental strength and determination will mean as much, if not more than physical fitness.
    Have fun, dig out has hard as you can in training.
    Laura Ashley dresses are quite nice, and are quite comfortable when worn around the Barracks....:)
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  8. Thanks mate
  9. Thanks appreciate it, and I'm impartial to Debenhams if I'm honest
  10. when your in the tunnel, keep swimming!
    Best of luck, its not easy.
  11. i know man PRMC is the hardest thing I've ever done
  12. PRMC is probably the easiest thing you are going to do with the corps...

    some advice.
    1)Always do admin first...then relax as much as you can.
    2) Don't wrap on the bottom field.
    3)The blonde milf who works in the church has a husband who is away a lot.
    4)Don't wrap during gym sessions
    5)Do everything you are told straight away to avoid a lot of pain.
    6)Don't wrap on the assault course
    7)Set yourself small goals..." I'm not going to wrap until I do dunker drills" " I'm not going to wrap until I finish the next ex" .
    8)Don't wrap on your admin

    Don't wrap.
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  13. 1) Don't **** the naafi pigs even to pay off a debt
    2) Keep schtum about being a cadet, you will be beaten over the head with it every time you **** up .... can I get a witness ? Amen
    3) It will be shit until probably after Ex Twosome (prob changed name by now) as training team have to **** off the wasters. Training team will treat you slightly more humanely as the weeks go on . I did say slightly .
    4) As prev said , Don't wrap!!! You can slow down a bit with a pained expression on your face but don't wrap
    5) Don't ******* talk to me you nod **** til you have a green lid
    6) Good luck :)
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  14. What instrument do you play?
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  15. I don't?
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