Royal Marine who jumped on grenade awarded George Cross

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Unbelievable stuff. Well done to that Marine, he deserves every ounce of respect and praise he gets.
  2. Insane.

  3. GC why not a VC?
  4. There was a chappie threw himself on a grenade in WW1, he got a VC

    In fact this guy agrees with me

    The reason Ashcroft is convinced that Croucher deserves a medal, is that the incident is similar to one at the Battle of the Somme during WW1 when a 20-year-old serving with the Royal Irish Rifles did almost exactly the same thing and won a VC for it. When a box of hand-grenades slipped into a trench packed with soldiers, two of the grenades lost their pins. Billy McFadzean threw himself onto the grenades to smother the explosion.,839,ashcroft-campaigns-for-brave-marine-to-win-vc,23812
  5. I think they need to re-think the award and upgrade it...definitely above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion.

    I raise my hat to you Sir!
  6. Definitely worthy of a VC in my opinion!!

    Its also worth noting that L/Cpl Croucher is a Royal Marines Reservist, who was on attachment to 40 Commando.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Should be a VC
    Enemy grenade - Enemy Booby trap = Courage in the face of the enemy to me

    But still a well deserved award
  8. Quote-"Now he has been awarded the George Cross, the highest decoration for bravery while not in the face of the enemy, which is surpassed only by the award of the Victoria Cross for the highest level of bravery in the face of the enemy."

    I understand what you mean though.
  9. Its actually a misnomer that the GC and VC are senior/junior to each other, they are in fact equal, so "upgrading" isn't really the correct term.

    Well done Royal, insanely brave.
  10. Sorry but grenade + shooting a man within the hour is in the face of the enemy, forgetting everything else the VC just looks better!

    If you aint got style, you aint got nothing!
  11. Total respect for a very brave man. May he come home safe and sound.
  12. Whatever the protocol, a well-deserved award. That's Victor comic front page material. Nails!
  13. The VC GC debate has been on here before when this story first made the press earlier on this year

    My bold highlights how nails he is that could have gone off aswell

    Just hope he dudnt get billed for any kit that was damaged

    Well done for a Reservist
  14. Or front page of a Commando comic! Well done Royal! Bit harsh he's not getting a VC if you ask me!