Royal Marine to sell Conspicuous Gallantry Cross won in Iraq

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Not sure if this has already been covered, but it is in today's Daily Telegraph so I thought that other might like to read it:

Royal Marine to sell Conspicuous Gallantry Cross won in Iraq

A Royal Marine, L/Cpl Justin Thomas, is selling the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross he won for his bravery in Iraq, the first time one of these has ever come on the market.

The medal, valued at up to £60,000, is second in importance only to the Victoria Cross and just 33 have been awarded since it was introduced in 1993.

L/Cpl Thomas, 30, is selling the medal, which he won during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, because he has a young family to support. Read more Here...
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This reminds me of my aunt and uncle. She was ATS and he was a RAF Normandy vet. Neither claimed their medal as they considered what they had done was simply their duty and nothing else. I know they didn't win any gallantry or bravery medals but they weren't in it for the medals. Maybe the booty feels the same? I can understand why he would like to sell - and I bet the auctioneers added their own brand of persuasion for him to let go of it. It’s a shame though.........
I guess it's his and hard won(and his decision is not for the likes of me to judge,)but what a damning inditement of the current state of our country!Here's Hoping some well heeled ex Booty can buy it for the Museum!
Sad that he has to sell this, would be nice for some former Military Well Off Person to buy it and give it back as a gift of Thanks...

Lets hope it raises what it is worth.
It's his, he earned it and how he chooses to dispose of it is his call. Ogf course if he is forced to dispose of it...then that is a sadder thing.
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