Royal Marine role during Cold War - allowed into Germany?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Oh_Bollox, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Was wondering if any of you lads could help me. I'm currently getting it in the ear from a bootie about how fecking great the RM are, and how they weren't allowed into Germany during the Cold War, because the presence of shock troops in der Fatherland meant that war would immediately kick off.

    This is bollocks, isn't it? I thought the RM were assigned to Scandinavia? Before my time, I'm afraid.

    Please help me shut him up, he's doing my head in. Point some proof my way, or me in the direction of some proof, please.
  2. Nope he's right RM are fecking great
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  3. Their expertise in naked roll-mat fighting is certainly second to none.
  4. I think the Booties spent all their time freezing their proverbials off in Norway with the AMF, not a lot of call for them against 3 Shock Army and the vast armoured Russian hoards.
  5. We didnt need them we had the TA..... :D
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  6. Class, hope you don't mind if I use that 'un...
  7. My old man was a bootie, and spent time in germany in the 60's, though he told me they were stoned by a bunch of kraut war vets when out on the pop!
  8. Obviously a stop over at Gutteslow , as to Krauts how dare he abuse the RAF regiment :D
  9. w
    I think you'll find that's "Gütersloh", me ole mucker!

  10. You should have seem some of my others, spelling isn't a high spot, but thanks
  11. There were RM instructors at the ILLRP School in Weingarten during my time - '84 >87.
    They did mention the same opinion as per the thread title, however they did add that there was a small det of SBS in Rheindhalen during the 1950's. Over to the historians......
  12. Well they had Para regt in Berlin,then another Bn in Oznatraz,I dont remember the Russians going ape shit though,
    maybe its just thoroughly nice chaps that they dont like :D :D
  13. I would suggest you shout your poster name next time he starts off.

    The Royal Marines were assigend to protect the flanks of NATO. In particular Norway, but also possible Turkey had the Russians gone south.

    The reason they weren´t brought out to Germany was because their skills in Arctic fighting would be wasted, and they might as well have stood their ground naked with roll matts. Their organisation, weaponry and vehicles would not have been much use in a Armoured battle.

    If the Marines are "shock" troops then surely the Paras are too. Ask him to explain his believes when a Bn of Paras were based in Osnabruck for a few years in the 80s (IIIRC). They were tasked and equiped as for AI at teh time.

    Likewise, what would cause a kick off more? A Commando being (shock horror) baseed in Germany or the 3 (IIRC) Royal Artillery Regiments cutting about with Nuclear weapons?

    Or maybe the SAS, who used to conduct exercises in BAOR? Mentioned in one of the SAS book as being cancelled for the Falklands. Not to mention the presence of many Marines at the LRRP school in Germany.


    Tell your Marine buddy, he is talking out of his hoop. All for pride in onse unit, but keep it real.
  14. Aaaaah, feckin knew it! :D

    Cheers, chocolate_frog!
  15. Let us know how it goes.

    You could also ask him why it was that ARmy units (ie 1 WFR) were also trainded and given the role of the RM in Norway, as part of the AMF (L).