Royal Marine Reserve (Leeds/Manchester)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Just heard that a RMR detachment has been set up near me. Anyone had dealings with them, I presume the reserve commando course is similar to normal one?

    Do they have Sigs people (not the regimental sigs types but equivalents to RSigs who work in Bde HQ's).

    p.s. Does anyone think about where they are putting units. I mean I've got 2 para units, 1 SAS unit and now a marine unit within 10 miles of where I live
  2. The commando tests are exactly and done at lymstone.

    Some people reckon the commando course is easier in the TA or RMR because the regs are doing hard training and the reserves tip up to do the commando tests, but that being said you still have to do 1 weekend a month commando training and if your going to pass you'll be beasting yourself in your own time anyway without the benefit of a tailored training program or encouragement from the PTI, so I think the regs have got that a bit wrong.
  3. cheers, Manchester looks good, already have the specialist quals they are after (less commando course). Looks as if commando training takes two years (which may put me past my sell by date)
  4. It only takes 2 years if your not a trained rank. For TA cdo anyway.
  5. Am I right in thinking the commando continuation training is done on a 2 week camp, followed the next year by the commando course (2 weeks)
  6. The reserve commando course is run twice a year at lymstone.
  7. sent you a PM.
  8. Good luck.

    If you don't get the info. you require here, I suggest you post this on Rum Ration. This sort of stuff is their speciality, after all.
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    Good luck
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