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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The_Goon, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if someone can clarify this for me, as i thought that this had stopped now...

    I am aware that until fairly recently the Royal Marines operated some Gazelle aircraft from the AAC, but i belive that has now stopped.

    Is it now possible to join the Royal Marines with a view to becoming a pilot?

    This is purely out of interest, as i'm not sexually deviant enough to qualify for the Royal Marines! :lol:
  2. Hi A_H
    It is correct, Anyone who has served in a unit, can transfer to the AAC
    Given that they are recruiting and you have passed a strict medical, involving Good eye Perseption and all round general fitness.
    I currently have a friend who is ex Artillery, having transfered has now progressed onto the Apache Longbow,

    Er..John, If you read this, Wheres my freebie ride you bugger.. :wink:

    I cannot however comment on Booties being let loose in Gazelles... :wink:
  3. Ok, that's great. The guy who was saying this to me might be walting it, because this is what he says about himself on his webpage:

    Employer: Royal Marines
    Position: Potential Officer
    Location: exmouth
    Description: Commando Helicopter Pilot.

    Which is why i questioned the RM pilot. He probably just meant that he was looking to transfer to the FAA or AAC at some point.

    Thanks again! :thumright:
  4. There are RM Officers and Other Ranks (Aircrewmen) flying in Naval Air Squadrons including at least 3 Fast Jet pilots as far as I'm aware.
  5. didnt think a harrier could lift that much ego :D
  6. Take a look on the "other" website, there is lots of info on this. Essentially, to become a bootie pilot, you need to become a bootie first (officer), no mean task and then get selected for flying training (no mean task), all this with your age on your side and your master carreer plan not being affected (no mean task).
  7. were you answering a different thread? :)

    possibly the least relevant response to a question ever posted on arrse lol
  8. If you get as far as qualifying for the RM Commandos, then qualifying to fly Lynx / Sea King, it's also possible to put in for an exchange with the Army / RAF and qualify on the Apache, Chinook etc. RM door gunners also exist.
  9. 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron have had RM aircrew for years with their Gazelles and Lynxes. There's even a couple of RM captains flying Harriers now.
  10. I think you mean 847 Naval Air Squadron. 3BAS haven't existed for around 12 years.
  11. Gazelle...NOT GOOD IN HUMUDITY.....

    MOD lost lots of money with this aircraft!!! in sales...

    No good in southeast asia......
  12. I haven't existed for twelve years either! 8O
  13. did meet a Navy/RM pilot at HMS Tamer in Hong Kong...
  14. I flew Scout, Gazelle and Lynx, with 3cdo bde air sqn, flew scout during Falklands. it was at that time a Royal Marine unit and not part of AAC, most guys who wanted promotion would trans to AAC and become capt over night and Major within a year. including one Csgt who came back as sqn commander as a major.

    It was a very tight group, not only did you have to pass all the commando stuff but your face had to fit in also, but it did help if you played Rugby, and if you were a total piss head.
  15. If you do decide to Join the Corps be prepared for a long slog to become a Pilot, 2yrs YO/Commando training then a tour with a Commando Unit (possibly 2 tours) and then if you are really lucky you could get a chance to go Aircrew.

    After that you'll get streamed FW or RW and then you'll go SK/Merlin/Lynx (Grey or Green). Another couple of years and then you could go front line.