Royal Marine KIA Afghanistan - 191006

First report R4 08:00, one LR ablaze, casualties likely.

Edited to add that it's in Lashkar Gar (Helmand), Sky reporting it's an aid convoy. BBC still saying soldiers involved.
Very sensible putting a date in the heading of this thread. Some of these threads continue causing unnecessary alarm for days and weeks. Obviously not for me to say, but it would be great if more posters would consider following Whiffler's good example when starting a thread of this nature.
Breaking news from the BBC - a Royal Marine has been killed in suicide-bomber attack on a NATO convoy.

Rest In Peace.

My sincere condolences to those who grieve and my best wishes for full and speedy recoveries to the wounded.
Running on the latest: banner on BBC too, still no link.

RIP "We Will Remember Them"Link Here

Edited to add link


Not another one, god bless them. RIP mate.

Mr and Mrs Armadillo and Deefer the dog.

Thoughts with your family.
Another one lost :cry:

Condolences to the family and friends
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