Royal Marine > Infantry; "Army Commando" flash?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. Saw a Rifles bloke wearing "Army Commando" shoulder flash*, so being nosey I asked him if he'd transferred from 131 who I understand are Army Commandos.

    The bloke replied that he'd transferred from Royal, so could not wear "Royal Marine Commando" any more, but had to wear "Army Commando".

    Whats the score? Is this right? Seems odd to me.

    * prob not the right word but you know what I mean.
  2. All individuals who are commando trained wear the 'Army Commando' mudguards on PCS, now. The 'dagger' is only worn on barrack/service dress.

    Plus, on his MOD 90, it no longer says 'Navy!'
  3. Its a grey area thing, technically they are not an Army Commando as they haven't passed the Army (aka All Arms) course, however the commando tests are the same. For that reason the wearing of Army Commando flash & Commando dagger is approved. If anyone has an issue point them at Prince Andrew who did his cabbage hat course with Royal or Jack, not sure which he was at the time, but wears the dagger when in Army uniform. I would be intrigued to know what would happen if an ex army commando tried to join the RMR, knowing and working with Marines I have a nagging feeling they would make him go through the whole course.

    As a side note, was he wearing C95 or PCS? If its C95 he can wear both flash and dagger, but if PCS he has can only wear the flash
  4. Thanks for the swift replies.

    WH - 95s, mate. Said he could not wear the dagger in that rig!
  5. There may be a change to bring the new rules in line, the dagger was retired on working and combat dress when PCS came in simply because the dagger doesn't fit on the blanking plate with the UJ and Bde/Div badges, however they are still allowed in Barrack, FAD, Ceremonial and Mess dress, however not allowed the flash in those rigs. Also the black on olive dagger was adopted as 3 Bde patch, so serving Cdo in the Bde would be wearing 2 daggers on the same arm, for a while, to counter this, the Bde policy was to adopt that patch as a Bde TRF, so guys had daggers on both arms, which looked really silly.

    Either this lad has been told PCS regs or there has been a change brought in for uniformity however I know of at least one regular who is in C95 still wearing both flash and dagger.

    The bottom line is yes he can wear the flash and if you got that you don't really need the dagger
  6. There was also a plan to have one army unit in role as one of the bootneck Commandos is usually out of role, I know a few of the rifles got through the all arms course before the idea was canned.

    I also personally know of -at least one 29 Cdo RA rank that joined the RMR and did not have to do his Commando course again.

    Anyway, we don't need no stinking badges, Commando- it's s state of mind.
  7. SEA HAT!
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  8. Keep telling yourself that, until you pass the AACC.
  9. Haha child, hat child that is
  10. In the not too distant past a Colour Boy (3 RGJ - 4 Rifles) quite properly sported wings and daggers badges on his MTP, as well as every other number of dress.

    In his case it really paid well to advertise.

    Top Bloke too.
  11. There was also another option as 148 Naval gunfire battery also opened up to all services, it always had gunners and navy radio operators but I believe it opened up to anyone who wanted to join the Bty, first step was the AACC, then the NGS course which used to last 3 months. I think they stopped doing P company in the early 90s
    There were all sorts of dress regulation for the commando dagger and wings all dependant on service Corp and Arm

    So basically any one can wear the commando dagger if they have passed either AACC RM commando course on the appropriate uniform any RM that transferred to 29 just swapped the dagger on triangle for their mars bar flashes on barrack and no2 dress.