Royal Marine given a cracking send off from strangers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Miner, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. I couldn't see this posted anywhere else, so apologies if it has.

    But it seems a vicars pleas on Facebook for someone to attend a former Royal Marines funeral seems to have paid off.

    Full story here.
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  2. Noted did apparently many others, I was to far away to attend.
  3. Good effort from the vicar and the RMA.
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  4. Well done Vicar,and to everyone who turned up.

    But I hate the bikes at funerals thing. If I go to a funeral it would be in a car~ I wouldn't expect to hang flags off it and join the parade. Get off and walk ~ its far too "American Pagent" for me ~ like a cheap version of Hells Angels ~ I hate it and yet its becoming more and more popular!
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  5. Rather a nice comment on the Daily Mail, not of course that I would read it, God forbid!

    What a lovely send off from his big family. God bless.
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Good egg that vicar!!
  7. Most were members of the Legion Riders Branch as far as I'm aware, they don't expect to join the parade but will if asked, they will normally ride in and park up, then join in with the service.
  8. Fair enough ~ really good of them to go, many wouldn't have got off their arses. Its just me and the funeral "parade" thing, miserably spirited of me I know ~ well done to them
  9. I understand how you feel, check out the website it gives you more information on what they do
  10. I know of at least one person who confirmed that the gent was indeed a former marine.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Royal Marine Assoc would have confirmed his service with the Corps.
    RIP Bootneck.
  12. Saint Peter you can stand down Marine McConnell has the gate covered.

    RIP bootie
  13. Chris Evans played the last post for Jimmy on Radio 2 this morning.

    Proffed this from another site:-

    For Jimmy McConnell by David Lilburn MBE

    It was such a sombre gathering,
    And Jimmy was the star,
    All his brothers were there,
    They came from near and far.

    A prayer was said, a hymn was sung,
    His brothers shed a tear,
    I don’t think Jimmy minded,
    Because his mates were here.

    For us this was a special day,
    To see our brother off,
    And looking around the gathering,
    His friends, he had a lot.

    We always dread saying goodbye,
    To our mates this way, it’s true
    But I know it’s not for good
    Cos we’ll meet again, real soon.

    We’ve all put our heads in bow,
    for a final prayer to James,
    And promised that we’ll meet again,
    To remember our mates pain.

    We learned our lesson today you see,
    About our friendships true,
    We’re 3 CDO BGE my friend,
    Bootnecks through and through.

    And when that time will finally come,
    When you reach those Pearly Gates,
    We’ll all go in together,
    Because my friend, we’re mates.
  14. Bloody poetry :(

    On a lighter note, there is a fair bit of questioning about this chap on the Once a Marine Always a Marine forum.
    It seems that nobody there knows or recognises him.

    Oh how everyone would laugh if it turned out that the old chap had commited the ultimate walt goal. :)

    I'm sure that the RMA checked his credentials first though, but it would be funny.