Royal Marine fined for loyalty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. While yobs roam our streets the law finds time to persue this.. :x


    Royal Marine fined for loyalty


    I was fined for showing pride in my regiment

    Feb 11 2008 by Tina Miles, Liverpool Echo

    A RETIRED Royal Marine has been fined by police for showing loyalty to his regiment.

    Grandfather-of-two David Horlick had a Marine replica badge printed on his car number plate to recognise his service with the Royal Naval School of Music. But the 74-year-old was reduced to tears when two officers gave him a fixed penalty ticket outside his Walton home.

    They told the widower he had to remove the illegal plate bearing the insignia of the Marines and pay the £30 fine, or go to court. Mr Horlick said: “I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. I wanted the replica badge on the number plate because my late wife Connie was very proud of the fact I was a Royal Marine.

    “I had seen Liverpool and Everton supporters put their badge on their car registration plates, which is understandable. As an ex-Royal Marine I wanted my badge there.

    “I paid the fine and removed the plate, but I feel hard done to.” Police said the officers were following strict regulations, and registration plates were allowed to display only “an acceptable international symbol or flag.”

    Acting Inspector Steve Hardy of the roads policing department, said: “Merseyside police prides itself on setting and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and quality of service.

    “We understand this gentleman’s frustration and we will of course look into the reasons behind this decision, but according to the regulations registration plates are only permitted to display an acceptable international symbol or flag.

    “By ensuring every road user abides by the law it then allows the technology we have to work more efficiently.”

    Government laws established in October allow only “an acceptable international symbol or flag.”

    Number plates can include a European Union symbol, Union flag, Scottish Saltire, Cross of St George or Red Dragon. The law bans football crests.

    tinamiles @

    I'm seeing this fella ( David ) in about an hour from posting this, so if there are any messages....
  2. Perhaps the police could tell us how many un-MOTd death traps, un-insured death traps or doppel gangers drove past whilst issuing this fcuking stupid fine.

    How many plates have numbers and letters modified to be italic, closer together, further apart or altered with different coloured screws, etc.

    More to the point, could they not have simply asked him to remove the number plates, pointing out he COULD get a fine, rather than fining a 74 year old man £30?

    If this was the only problem on our roads, I would buy this b0110x. Simple fact of the matter plod when after an "easy" target.

    Fcuking pr1cks.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Maybe he is better off putting a sticker in his back window?

    He could even paint his car green, paint the RM crest on every panel and a Union Jack on the roof...but apparently his number plate is illegal.

    The plod don't want to open the door on any practice that might impact the functionality of their number plate photographic capability....and they have the law to back them up.

    Bit of a mis-leading thread title....
  4. bang on. if it had been some failed abortion shouting and being abusive in the street they would just give him a warning.
  5. Plod target chasing I would think. easy targey and it doesnt count unless they issue the fine. No incentive to use discretion and issue a warning.
  6. FFS, I try to support the police, I really do...but sh1te like this makes it so fcuking difficult! :x

    People are being kicked, stabbed and shot to death on our streets and THIS is what coppers find to occupy thier time!

    Give me strength! :crying: :pissedoff:

    ARRSE whipround for the fine?
  7. £5.00 from me then
  8. and then some...
  9. Adam,
    PM me with the old fellas address and I will send him a cheque to pay his fine. I am sure he has far more pressing things to worry about than some jumped up little prick making him an easy target. The copper's eyes must have lit up when he saw how easy it was going to be to improve his stats.
    DISGUSTING fcuking abuse of a vulnerable target.
  10. Same here mate.

    What a pair of jobsworth cnuts. Like the man says there are liverpool and everton ones on cars all over the city. Never mind VRN's written in Italics on big Porsche 4x4's.

    The bobbies have been cnuts on this occasion and dragged the name of the organisation into disrepute!

    The only saving grace is I know that alot of serving bobbies will also feel the same way as us and the Nosher(s) responsible will be hounded for it!
  11. They should be fcuking beaten up for it in the station locker room.

    What damage would this crest have done? That's right fcuk all. If the lettering is in order (size, spacing, font,) it can be read. I'm pretty sure the computer doesn't put up a screan saying "VRN unrecognised due to unsanctioned symbol".

    What is going to do more harm? An accident with a car with a funny symbol on it? Or getting in to an accident with a uninsured, un-MOTd death trap?

    Maybe the old-timer could have a personalised plate. "ACAB 1".
  12. I'll stick in a fiver if someone can get an RM window sticker or something as well.
  13. Beat me to it. I was going to say; I hope once word gets around the cnuts will be ostracised by their brother officers.

    If the CC of this force had a pair, he would apologise to the bloke, reimburse him for the fine. And have the two coppers - and I use the word loosely - in for an interview without coffee.

    But we all know the type who rises to the dizzying heights of Chief Constable, so it's never gonna happen... :roll:
  14. bang on. if it had been some failed abortion shouting and being abusive in the street they would just give him a warning.[/quote]

    Or sent him on a nice holiday to allow him to deal with his oppressed feelings of homosexuality.
  15. Just tell me where to send the money. :)

    And no Nigerian accounts - after the 8th time, I learned my lesson! :D