Royal Marine Commandos or Army?

In a good few months I will be old enough to sign up, the thing is that I'm not sure which to go for, I know the minimum age for the RMC is 17 and for the army 16, but if I join the army at 16 and do my service I'd leave the day before my 21st, could I then try to join the RMC? and would it be a good age to? All advice appreciated.
Any particular reason you want to leave the Army the day before your 21st?

Are you worried that the birthday party will get out of hand?
RMC = The Royal Military College. I think you would be better of using RM which is the abbreviation of HM Royal Marines.


It is possible to serve as a Commando within the Army. You'll even get a nifty Army Commando flash to wear if you get posted to 3 Cdo Bde.
Seeing as you're on an ARMY website, then i reckon you should go for the booties......... :roll:
Am I wrong in stating that adult service starts on your 18th birthday, and that a soldier must serve 3 years before signing off, hence completing four years service? If that is indeed the case, put the 21st birthday celebrations on ice.......

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