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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Check23, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. My careers advisor was talking options over with me, sort of possible future career advancements e.t.c. He metioned that I could do the commando course at some point through my career. I didn't have time to ask in depth questions about it, as there were more important things to do, but to those that have done the course from the British Army, was does it entitle you to if you do pass it?

    Are there any new possibilities that open up?

  2. Get a trade first then go commando/para/SF or KP
  3. I don't quite follow.

    I'm starting phase 1 with the Parachute Reg soon. I should've probably said that in the original post, I'm only asking purely out of curiousity. How would passing the commando affect a P Reg soldier in the future?

  4. take one step at a time. you never know what you like or dislike
  5. A strangely prescient point regarding a 'potential para' from someone with that atavar!
  6. Well for a start, I don't think you should mention that you want to be a marine, within earshot of the Depot Staff!

    It would entitle you to a few extra beastings! :D :D
  7. Dont be silly. Discussing it with them makes sense. Its his career after all...
  8. Ok, all I am doing is researching options, what is open to me, what people have done e.t.c. If I had wanted to persue a career in the Navy I would have done. (Nothing wrong with it whatsoever.) I havn't said at all I want to be a Royal Marine, I was just told about the course and am finding out what options open up if someone was to pass the course.

    All I wanted to know is how the job role changes if it does at all, this is not the only thing I am reading up on, as there are thousands of things to do. I am bored with months to go until I start, I have a genuine interest in the Army and the Parachute Reg and I don't see whats wrong with finding and educating myself with things directly linked with the infantry.
  9. Mate, my opinion is that, if you get in para reg, then commando course will not open any extra doors for you.

    The courses are broadly on a par and so will open similar kinds of opportunities.

    Some people will do both. In a corps like the engineers or the logistics, there may be some advantage of doing both all arms courses- they will qualify you to serve in parachute and commando roled engineer or logisics units.

    However, for a para, I can't imagine you would want to go and serve in a commando unit. If for some special reason you were going to it would be for such a special reason that reason would come first. I'm sure there's paras out there that have done the commando course, but I'm pretty sure they were doing it for the fun rather than career advancement.

    And as for the last paragraph, i.e. the one applicable to what you seem to be interested in, that's so far off in the future and unlikely an occurance as to be something to not bother thinking about. Or asking people's opinions here.
  10. Ok, I understand.

  11. Yes, It is his career and at this stage he's curious. That's fair enough!

    However, In the unlikely event that this man actually passes Para recruit Training. I would like to hear him ask the same question then! 8)
  12. Sorry If I offended you*.

    Not sure what I have said wrong, but not to worry, I'll be sure never to ask any more questions or queries. I'll also make sure that I know pretty much everything there is to know on any subject, just in case something like this could potentially happen again.

    * Perhaps a sticky should be put on the forums to let those who are not in the army currently know what they are and are not allowed to say.
  13. You haven't offended me in any way at all mate! :D

    A friendly word of advice.............

    If you get to Para Recruit Training, shut your mouth, don't be clever or smarmy, save your breath for the fitness.
    You're going to need it!

    If you pass, I'll be the very first to congratulate you! 8) You will then become a lifelong member of a very elite club!

    If you fail, and there's more chance of you doing that than passing, purely on statistics of course, nothing to do with you as I don't know you.
    Then I will not congratulate you!
    You will then become a member any club you like, but not the one mentioned above! :cry:
  14. Failing P Coy is a dissapointment - not a disgrace. There are many fine infantry regiments out there and they don't need wings to tell them how good they are. Watch Ross Kemp in Afghanistan for an idea, or read any book about the PWRR in Iraq.

    Apart from that, good luck and as mentioned above - save your breath for P Coy - you will need it when breathing out of your ar5e! (common expression for when taking in oxygen by any orifice when on your last legs! :) )
  15. That was supposed to be humourous. I had this cracking image of the immediate aftermath! 8O
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.