"Royal Malaysians" on the changing of the Guard!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 303SMLE, May 23, 2008.

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  1. A yank on another forum claims that when in London a few weeks ago he saw the "Royal Malaysians" on duty at Buck House and the Tower, and performing the changing of the guard! Apparently we're so overstretched we haven't any soldiers to spare! :oops:

    I presume this is bull/misunderstanding, but who is on duty their at the moment? Anyone got any bright ideas what he might be on about?
  2. Yup, they are currently based at RAF Uxbridge and are on the parade square all day, every day at the moment.
  3. Fair enough, I didn't think such a thing was possible/had precedent!

    I just thought he was a mong with cloth-ears.... :oops:
  4. Some skippies had the guard a few years back, reason I remember was the officer was female ugly and said she was Australian Federation soldier not Commonwealth Soldier.
  5. Not unusual for Commonwealth units to perform public duties. The Jamaica Regiment did a great job last year. I think it's a good idea. The Malaysians also looked sharp.
  6. Shades of Empire! Bring it on. If they want to stand outside the Big White Queen's gaff then more's the better, as it saves our tick tocks from having to do it. It'll confuse the spams too.
  7. If SPAM boy is getting a bit lippy (as colonials are want to do from time to time) you could always point out that ANY commonwealth soldier/unit can stand guard. Even the Homeguard stood to in the run up to D-Day (when we really were strapped for man power).

    Also, from the article, this little gem might show him the standard of troops that are stood out the front. Americans often confuse our Guards with toy soldiers, not realising they are real soldiers too.

    So these are the same Regiment (albeit different Bn) that helped out after the Rangers and D-boys stirred the hornets nest in the Mog. During which one Malaysian was killed and seven wounded (on top of the American and Pakistani deaths).