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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by archer, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. Royal Mail today say there are still "minor pockets" of delayed mail

    FFS, the snow has been gone for nearly 3 weeks!

    Yesterday I received a Christmas card, correctly addressed with a 2nd Class stamp, franked by the Royal Mail 15.12.10
    A month to come from Wales?- others from the same posting haven't even made Somerset.
    Mine from Kent posted on December 12th are still outstanding and a business cheque I posted from London Dec 10th has still to arrive in Northumberland.

    Royal Mail fit for purpose?

    Hahahahahaha- No!
  2. I stopped using Royal Mail 7 years ago when I found that about 20% of my mail was not getting through. Funny how all the other advertising shit they shove through the mail gets to my door though.
  3. You use that "Your cheque is in the post" often, do you?
  4. Wont be any shortage of second hand red vans when RM goes down the tubes.
  5. Yes, but the political energy is going into worrying about whose head is going on the stamps, not on improving the levels of service. If that's the focus, what chance do we have of an effective privatisation?
  6. Ha Ha- here's you hat and coat. The taxi's waiting

    Cheque was for my employer from a client so no cheque arrives and as a result I haven't been paid
  7. I do not know of any service that has been "effectively" privatised. Effective i.e. beneficial to the general public as a whole.
  8. Sounds familiar. I`ve been there a few times. Commiserations.
  9. I ordered a new router from Amazon on 03rd Jan. Receieved an e mail telling me likely delivery date would be the 6th. Still not arrived. Contacted Amazon who told me to wait until 13th. That means they will send me another one, so could involve a wait of another week or so. I only live 45 mins from Amazon. If I knew I was going to have this hassle, I could have gone and collected it.
  10. I suppose when you take into accont the volume of mail handled, the loss ratio is pretty minimal. Most of losses are attirbutable to theft, postmen being too idle to deliver it, so they dump it somewhere and general f*ckwittery. I have had a Xmas card delivered to my address, clearly marked with a postcode intended for Scotland. I put it back into the post and it turned up again a few days later. Have also had post clearly marked for a house a few doors away and they have had mine. There should be a minimum requirement that postmen are able to read.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Book (review copy for ARRSE) posted to me from Edinburgh 14.12.2010. Three days ago a neighbour brought it to my door. She had had a card saying there were two packages waiting for her in the PO. Her mother went to collect - two packets tied together with a rubber band (R Mail is God's gift to Malaysia). Bottom one was mine, correctly addressed, label masked by upper packet.

    Most cards did get here by Christmas though. But stay away from red envelopes, they spook the automation.
  12. Job cuts. BBC News - Royal Mail to cut 1,700 jobs and close two mail centres Now I don't want to offend anyone, any Posties out there this is not aimed at you, but just what the fcuk is going on with Royal Mail? We've got one of the very worst postal services round our way judging by the local papers, and the local depot seems not to give a flying fcuk. Lost mail, no recourse, no workable complaints procedure, and nobody answers the phone. What's wrong with these people ?
  13. Perhaps because it failed to change to the challenges of the 20th Century let alone the 21st Century .
  14. Public sector itus.... They are providing a service . With NO shareholders to appease. Why the hell should they bother thier arses , they,ll still get paid. I rarely use RM these days , parcels go via a carrier & anything else I do my damndest to make "paperless". If I do have to use RM & its slightly important it gets recorded delivery. But even that aint fail safe. Useless twats who need a good privatising IMHO.

  15. Failure to modernise, the inevitable is likely to happen,

    And all the union backlash in the world won't change a thing..