Royal Mail wont issue war dead commemorative stamps

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldAdam, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. This from the Times:-

    Too squeamish or has Commissar Broon already put the boot in?

    Perhaps it is time that Royal Mail faded away and the mail franchise could be farmed out to commercial carriers, with charities issuing the stamps and taking a .5% cut?

  2. I really am in two minds over the stamp issue, I would prefer a series of stamps featuring all the regiments and corps who are taking part in both campaigns.I don't think i'd be too happy about stamp dealers trading on the stamps because one soldier's stamp was more valuable than anothers for some strange philatelic reason.

    If mail was privatised we could end up with a system where people who live out of the major cities would end up paying more for their mail than city dwellers, if in fact private companies could be bothered to service country areas where there wasn't a lot of mail/profit.
  3. Privateise royal mail, you have to be kidding - look what happened to brittish rail and the like. All this does is to allow fat cats to get even fatter.
  4. Is the issue of stamps really necessary for rememberance of our glorious dead? I don't think so. Where would it end; Commemorative Heinz Beans? It is important to remember and recognise those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but it is equally important, I feel, to retain a quiet dignity.

    There is no need for overt collective grief/rememberance such has been the case since Aug 97. I think that the British have always maintained a dignified rememberance that is given its public demonstration every November.

    I just don't think that stamps have the same gravity and poignancy as the Last Post at the Cenotaph.
  5. Was discussed before and there were very mixed views LINK
  6. The article said most of the families,what about those that didn't want their loved one's picture's on stamps ignore them?.IMHO if even one person objected it should be stopped.Why not,if the artist feels that strongly do a series of capbadges of the units involved.
  7. I concur with Flipflop. Stamps are not the way to go.

    I'd go further. McQueen is trying to use a stamp issue to get publicity for His piece in the Imp. War Museum and therefore get more commissions.

    Very self serving.
  8. Stamps are usually issued in sets of up to about eight.
    It would not be practical to depict EVERY serviceperson killed so who would you pick?

    The cap badge idea is sound.
  9. The impression I got from the article was that the Royal Mail just 'didn't want to be involved', at a time when the Army is at a critical point in its story.

    All this aside from the dignified/undignified aspects of the matter, that some of you have raised; whether we see the portraits of our dead comrades or regimental cap-badges, this is a time when we need the public to remember the Army every day.

    Instead of '2p LARGE' on the letters dropping through the letterbox, at least they'd get something to make them think and make them remember!
  10. l think its the least the Royal Mail can do, we celebrate everything else such as other cultures, space, science and freedom of expression. Without the last, it would be extremely difficult to celebrate anything., thanks to our FANTASTIC troops, we are given the security to celebrate freely............

    Or, are the Royal Mail to busy stealing from our troops, it would be too ashamed to even recognised that our OUTSTANDING troops exist!

    SHAME on YOU, Royal Mail!
  11. this is a reply from a member of public about the stamps,

    As sad a fact,as, death, in any form is, these soldiers have chosen this career.
    Nobody, has threatened or cajoled them, into this way of life.
    The consequences of their actions, lie entirely with their individual choice.
    In the case of this invasion, not war, they, have quite willing followed the Government's initiative.
    How, can we honour, their participation, in, what is clearly, an illegal 'war'?

    prudence eely bond mcguire, Herne Hill, London

    what a T**T....
  12. You can already add your own photos alongside Royal Mail stamps...

    Royal Mail Smilers
  13. Many TA and ACF staff work for Royal Mail, many of them would feel disgusted, its not the staff you want to bang on about when you hammer Royal Mail as an entity, Its the senior managemnt and the Government as the Owner, they make these decisions, if you privatise Royal Mail, the people who will really suffer are the Staff and the Customers, redundancies and cuts in service as said before if you live outside major towns, you can expect weeekly or no service at all, Private companies that collect your mail only will just give it to Royal Mail to deliver the final mile, so we are losing money at both ends, no money from our OWN collections and we HAVE to accept mail from priivate companies at a much lower cost, the businesses that use these private companies to collect their mail will ultimately lose out if we shut down as we couldn't afford it anymore the Government being the sole shareholder and will have to bail us out , which is more Taxes from you.

    the Royal Mail is the ONLY public corporation that has ever made a profit year on year since it started in 1840 in its present form and contributed a lot of money to the treasury saving you loads of Taxes, now in the past few years we are now struggling and need to modernise with investments, this is now the time to ask for your support. Royal Mail is not perfect and there are bad apples, if there is a Privatised Royal Mail, then it will get a lot worse chaps.

    many Royal Mail staff go here :D , beware managers also snoop there. :evil:
  14. The same then could be said for traffic wardens, hospital workers, firemen, the police.........................."Nobody, has threatened or cajoled them, into this way of life. The consequences of their actions, lie entirely with their individual choice", (1140 sqn). Not that l see the Royal Mail celebrating 'Parking Obstructions' anytime soon; but, watch this space.

    As for their choice - Armed Forces Personnel, they are ORDERED to go on operational theatre, as well as war. lf not the consequences of their actions, lie entirely with their individual choice, and that of whatever the Commanding Officer seems fit to bestow, as an award for their own individual actions!