Royal Mail - what to do?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Pyianno, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this thread.

    I've not had any mail delivered for a few weeks now. I won't get too far into it but I'm dealing with a fairly high profile legal case and none of the Case Management Orders/document exchanges have arrived.

    Anyway last week Private Eye didn't turn up in the post so I got suspicious. I phoned the Eye and asked what's going on and they said they've been told by Royal Mail that I've "moved" and do redirect all of my mail?!

    I just phoned Royal Mail asking "what the ****"? Surprise surprise they don't know where my mail has gone, they don't know where it's been redirected and they don't know who gave them these instructions.

    This strikes me as awfully suspicious. Anybody got any ideas what to do?
  2. If RM are redirecting your mail, then they must know where it's going to.
  3. Make a list of 10 people who want to fcuk you over and go round their gaff and check their bins. I'm sure you'll find the answer ther somewhere.
  4. Since when do Royal Mail tell magazine houses to change the address? I thought they did that, it is up to you isn't it to change your addy?

    And if they are doing this, then surely there must be record of where the mail is going...
  5. They didn't tell them to change the address just that I "don't live [here]" anymore and they were redirecting it themselves.

    Royal Mail reckon they're going to write to me (assuming the letter turns up!).
  6. If its Private Eye your missing maybe the postie just wants to cut out the middle man and put it straight in the trash where it belongs.

    As said above only YOU can sign the forms to change your address details....and now each individual in the house needs to pay for it plus if you have your names set out differently or joint account letters you pay even more. In my mind I would be checking firstly with RM where its been redirected to then with your account with Private eye what address there sending it to. You just know it will come back with blaming a computer error.
  7. I'm sure that re-directions don't involve telling the sendee that you've moved, but more that they get intercepted in the sorting office and re-labelled to the new address (as mine currently are), although I could be wrong.

    Get onto Private Eye to ask for copies of the 'redirection'. I've not heard before of the RM getting involved in such matters, it's the occupiers problem, not theirs.

    Also, for you to receive nothing, would involve some massive intervention from the RM, of which they're not up to that standard, as I've had dozens of letters go the my old address even though we paid for six months and have contact the RM twice to kick their arse's.

    Edited to add, you can check/amend your suscription online with the Eye, as long as you know your subscription number
  8. It's only been going on for a few weeks but nowt has arrived during those few weeks including some crucial legal documents.

    I've told RM I want an explanation in writing as I may need to put all this before a Judge. It's quite possible I have unknowingly failed to comply with case management orders.
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    All it takes is one person to write on there "not known at this address" and RM will try to return to sender, so check with all those who should have sent you docs.
    If they were crucual docs, i would hope they were sent recorded delivery at best, so try and get hold of a reference number to check.
  10. I wish.

    We've been receiving mail for the past three sets of occupants in our pad (we've been here over 12 months) and we've written that exact phrase on the letters a number of times.

    The letters are STILL coming in. Sometimes there are no letters for us, but big pile for previous occupants.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    But if someone at the sorting office has been paid off to "redirect" post in that fashion (not knowing how big this case is, i appreciate thats a bit tin-foilish!), then the mail is more likely to be sent somewhere else...
  12. Its also surprisingly easy to have your mail 'fraudulently" redirected. RM protest that this is not so, but many people who have been victims of ID theft would disagree, including a BBC journalist.

    RM have a "strict" policy regarding the documentation required to setup postal redirection. Unfortunately, it doesnt always work, and there are cases such as where a "half completed JSA form" (!) was used, home-made bank and credit card statements, etc.

    Do you shred your paper documents? Nothing - absolutely NOTHING - with your name and address on should go into the bin unless it has been shredded first. A single printed document with your name and address is a starting point for ID theft/fraud. Even an envelope... bank statements (and check stubs) are gold dust.

    Pop down to your nearest RM (NOT Post Office) depot and ask them to check if there is a redivert on your address. Take drivers licence (with the counter foil), passport, and at least two different utility bills and bank statements to prove that you really are you
  13. Silly question perhaps, but has your postie gone diffy lately? He may be one of those types that crop up in the papers now and then that get found with mountains of mail in their homes because they can't be bothered to finish their rounds.
  14. Royal Mail have to deliver to the address on the mail
  15. This was in the news a couple of years ago. Fraudsters were getting other peoples' mail redirected; it may have been on watchdog. Have a Google and I'm sure you'll find details.

    The odd thing was that when the irate addressee showed up demanding explanations, the RM would invariably refuse to disclose where the mail had been redirected to, or provide any evidence of who had ordered the redirecting.


    Yep, Watchdog.

    BBC - Watchdog: Has your post gone missing?