Royal Mail - Redirection

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Snail, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Loath as I am to ask for help, the Royal Mail website are being Nazis to me and won't let me redirect my mail to a BFPO address. Has anyone done it before, and how did you get around it?
  2. Oi you daft bint, the Mrs had trouble with the website as well. You can do it in person down at your local royal mail sorting office, PS where are go posted to?

  3. People actually want to write to you?
  4. Oi, you tall bastard, it's Saturday afternoon, and if the local Royal Mail sorting office is open, I'll show my bare arrse on the Town Hall steps.

    Tell the Mrs I'll ring her in a bit, and read the threads, you dozy shite!

    Oh, and thanks for your help :roll:
  5. well go there on monday then !

    PS, PM inbound!

  6. Move to a proper address..a 'sink' estate would be ideal 'cos' providing that anyone that writes to you can crayon (big 'letterts') the Post code the Royal Maill is used to the subleties of delivering Dhss(doleys) correspondence, Inland revenue(Tax credits for 'single mums) ASBOS, court fines, Provident instant they should have no probs. with a 100% on target score with your 'goodself'...
  7. Sorting offices should be open until 5:30pm today and 8pm during the week until Christmas.

    I should know as I'm a postie :oops: