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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. I thought the same, but what could you profitably use the tunnels for?
    Any suggestions?

    Any bulk handling operation (say building waste or materials) would need handling facilities at both ends.
    The London Hydraulic Power Companies pipes were sold to Mercury and used for IT cables.
  2. How about installing a few surplus old metal beds and lockers and we would have some very nice safe accomodation for all the MP's who need to stay overnight in London also plenty of room for their families as well.
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  3. Yep, it does.
    Years ago, there used to be a foot tunnel under the Thames at Tower Hill, like the ones at Greenwich and Woolwich.
    When it passed out of use, BT (or maybe the Post Office at the time) took it over as a convenient way of running cables under the river.
    I believe it may be full of fibre-optic now.
    Pity there's not a similar use for the Mail Rail tunnel, might save them continuously digging up Oxford Street and Holborn!
  4. This door could suggest the tunnels had other uses in mind (possibly cold war uses).....or possibly it is against flooding.

  5. That door looks a lot stronger than the partition its fitted in.
  6. If these urban pot holers roamed about unchallenged.**** knows what could happen. 8O
  7. Today the GPO tomorrow Pindar.
  8. You know a way in?.
  9. Wow!

    Signed: A. Train-Spotter.
  10. Four of the more prominent urbexers were recently arrested trying to gain access to dis-used tube stations......
    Currently on bail I think.

    Besides, security is pretty lax in most places and you can get into more or less anything if you try hard enough
  11. The tunnels did get used during the cold war, and the PM + High ranking politicians have their own access if needed!
  12. seems interesting