Royal Mail privatisation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filthy Fifth, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Some privatisations were successes and worked for the benefit of the customer. Others - like British Rail -were a dog's breakfast. Many (including one of my sons, who worked as a contractor for them) say the Royal Mail is the last refuge of Scargalism and 'Spanish practices'.

    Gentlemen, the floor is open
  2. I think a lot of the general public don't realise what privatisation will do to the service they currently get. Especially those who live in rural and semi-rural locations.
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  3. Because the privatisation of rail, gas, electric and water went really well didn't it. Britain creates yet another capitalist fat cat elite, well done. Water companies for example , meh, brand new Van fleets and company cars , 25 year old managers on £50K and dopey birds typing on £25K . Meanwhile greedy fat Nazi staff car drivers rub their hands in glee. Royal Mail needed kicking out for being shit, privatisation should be ideal for lots of reasons. However we all know they can't run a bath nor control themselves. Price rises and regional failures, refusals to rural areas and more social exclusion. Lovely jubbly.
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  4. I share your concerns about the preservation of a universal service Grey_Mafia65. If there are no safeguards, a century and more of equality will count for nothing. But can I give you just one example where a kick *********** would be welcome? The son I mentioned was working as a contract inter-office driver. TWO members of management came to see him and hesitantly asked him whether he would be happy to have a slight change to his route. 'I'm paid to drive for you, you tell me where to go and I'll go'. They were amazed, as if the same question had been asked of a staff driver, a union meeting would have to be called and demands for extra money made for essentially the same workload. Second example; I live ten minutes walk away from a sorting office in an urban area. During the last snowfall, every service bar the post arrived as usual (including Parcelforce to be fair). We had no letters for a week. Methinks a reality check is overdue.
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  5. The unions are strongly opposed - and threatening strike action I hear.

    As good a reason as any to crack on I suppose.
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  6. The CWU have essentialiy cut their own throats with continual strike action over the last decade, egged on by the Europhile members of the labour party who hate anything that might remind the people they are British and not part subservient to Brussels. The Liverpool branch of the CWU took things too far with strikes over every little thing, with poor management to help things along, that Liverpool is now the only major city in the country without a main sorting office. All of Liverpool's post is sent to Warrington for sorting. And of course the Brussels loving members of the coalition can see no reason why they should keep the Royal Mail and wish to continue the work the Labour party started during their time in power but they lacked the courage to see through the privatisation in the run up to the last election.
  7. Depends what you mean by "spanish practices". When the privatisation of RENFE was mooted a few years ago, the whole of RENFE errupted into "what the ****!!!!!! Have you not seen the state of the British railways"
  8. I seem to recall the Queen intervened when Thatcher wanted to privatise the Royal Mail.
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  9. Would (or could) it still be called Royal Mail if privatised?

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  10. So the gist of the popular opinion is that :-

    Whatever it is, it's the EU's fault and it doesn't matter if nobody in the UK ever gets a letter again, as long as it pisses off the unions?
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  11. Not going to deliver my emails though are they?

    How many things do you buy off the internet come by royal mail/parcelfarce?

    We won't need a national postal service full stop in 10-15 years. Everything will be digital correspondence with plenty of delivery firms as there are already.
  12. I think that was why the Queen warned Thatcher off.
  13. Just about everything I buy from anywhere comes by Royal Mail. Because I'm "offshore". And that's a bit of a problem.
  14. The unions are relics of a time gone by. Yes, they did good in the past, but their time is gone. They are for the most part private fiefdoms and domains that relish in making things difficult because they can, and the union leaders can get their faces on the telly or a few column inches to make them feel their existence is justified.
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