Royal Mail dumped by Amazon over proposed strikes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Given the current economic situation and unemployment figures I think the Royal Mail workers are unlikely to get any sympathy for this.

    Foot, rifle, shooting into...
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I am reminiscing over the dock strikes, when all the trade went elsewhere, so the docks closed down and everyone lost their jobs; or the the ship-builder strikes, so all the ship-building went elsewhere, and loads of people lost their jobs . . . .

    Good old unions eh? Who do they think will provide them with their wages if the Post Office no longer has any clients? Oh, that's right, they work like Labour - they never think about who actually pays the bill, it's just magic money that they have a right to, and it grows in fairyland.
  3. What a fnuckin coincidence, I emailed Amazon this morning asking how all my anticipated Christmas shopping will be delivered to my BFPO address!

    I wish I had enough money, I'd buy the Royal Mail and then disband the shower. There never happy with their lot, get some sand between your toes and then we'll maybe let you moan! CNUTS
  4. Coming hard on the heels of a global financial crisis this shows how far removed the unions are from reality.
  5. Do they still have 'ghost overtime', or will the 'modernisation' (real world working), put an end to that?
  6. No change there then. :roll:
  7. Two good neighbours, both postmen, neither of whom can explain this nonsense.

    I thought the CWU man made more sense than the Royal Man who was interviewed later.

    What a running goat-fvck!
  8. My Father in Law is a postie and never been on strike, he can never see what the point is and he dosen't belong to the union, he thinks they are a waste of space. Mind you he has a point on that.

    Is there any major industry in recent times where the unions have called for strike action and actually got their way??
  9. As a neutral spectator & customer I find these actions, especially as already stated during an economic recession really out of touch,

    Mark Higson, Royal Mail’s managing director, said: “There is still time for the union to abandon its national strike ballot and instead of hurting customers, focus on delivering quality service as we get into the important run-up to Christmas.

    “The union has repeatedly offered a strike-free moratorium. We call on the union to honour that commitment.”

    A union spokesman declined to comment before the official result

    We know unions only want better working conditions through modernisation, excuse me but don't we all?

    I really hope Mr crozier is affected by Mr Osbournes policy on salaries announced the other day.

    another link:
  10. Could always mobile the TA to take over the Postie rounds. Bit of a quandary though for those posties who are TA though
  11. Bit rich when his curretn conditions and pension rights etc were secured by the unions. And who does his pay negotiation for him?
  12. Yep but when he had a grievance at work he paid for his own legal team and won without the need for striking.
  13. ....and if he loses his job because the Post Office has had to lay people off because of a huge loss in business due to industrial action by the Union?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Don't be silly MiT - that'll be the fault of the management, who failed to ensure the jobs available for the workforce, and the government should step in and provide the money . . . . . or am I thinking of the car industry?