Royal Mail b@st@rds and junk mail

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. The Telegraph had a recent article on "junk mail" and a proposal to increase the amount delivered. There are opt-out services (see below) but I am sure it is not in the commercial interest of the Royal Mail to honour this in the long run.

    This morning I received two unsolicited leaflets and no addressed post. I will opt out from this "service". However, if I continue to receive junk mail I will be most upset.

    I suggest the following collective gesture of disapproval. All junk mailings etc should be "recycled" using the nearest red pillar box. The posties will be as displeased at having to sift through junk mail as we all are. There will be damage to the performance of Royal Mail and more resources will be needed, hitting them in the pocket. Let's recycle this junk! :twisted:

  2. Wish there was a way for me to opt out here in the 'states. Not only is 90% of the mail I receive junk mail--ads, flyers, coupons, leaflets--but it's by far the bulkiest of the mail I receive, too. Personal correspondence and business correspondence--that mail that I wish to receive or which I need to receive in order to pay the bills--comes in single envelopes of standard size, but it's all mingled in with huge rolled up or folded news flyers from the local grocery store or info about the great deal some jewelry store is offering. :roll: I swear they cost me more in trash can liners, just to accomodate all the CRAP I get...
  3. did you see the story of the welsh postie who gave all the people on his round the opt-out forms? b@stards supsended him then re-instated him in a "un-influential" role, jacked up behind a desk, the residents signed a petition to get him back on their round again. postie revolution required..........
  4. On the subject of Royal Mail:

    I sell a few bits on eBay, send 3 items by normal mail, not registered or signed for, they never arrived. I sent another 3 by signed-for, they get there!!. Theiving Ba****ds!!!
  5. Any junk mail simply post it back as not wanted unsolicited , swamp the Royal Mail with this and perhaps just for once we will be listened to
  6. I've used these, works a treat, not had any junk mail for a few years now, also used it for the telephone to stop cold calling, takes about 3 weeks for it to kick in. I told my mum about it and I ended up doing for the whole bloody family, aunties, uncles, cats, dogs!
  7. If the Post Office delivered it and you don't want it, simple - post it back in a post box. If the junk mail has your address on it, annotate the envelope 'Return to Sender'.