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Hi guys. I have a full time job as a train driver but fancy doing some lgv work on the side. I have a class c already and pcv but want my c+e but Dont really fancy paying over a grand fot it especially for part time work. Does anyone know anything about 151, any good? Obviously id get to drive the motors alot but is it just as easy to get your c+e in another unit say an infantry unit?

No to be honest id rather do something like infantry and go out to Afghanistan but just thought that joining the rlc would make sense as i can drive trucks and get a licence aswell. Im quite happy to do all the stuff that goes with being a soldier Thankyou and would rather do the soldering side then the driving which is why i asked if its possible to get the licence in a different part of the army, i assume it is but wanted to confirm it.


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Yes, it is possible to get a Cat C license in a TA Infantry unit, I've known a couple of Riflemen in my Company who have done it. That being said, it's not part of the trade of a Light Role Infantryman, so it is not a given.
Well i have a class c already and the only reason im not keen on paying for it is because it will only be part time. Its not the only reason for joining the ta but seems sensible as i would get to drive them aswell so will help with the experience that the employers crave so much.
So you work full time, want a part time job and join the TA. Do you not sleep?

I'd love to listen there reply when in your interview they ask why you wish to join up.


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Don't worry about some of the carping - the majority of TA soldiers, until about 6 or 7 years ago, joined RLC Units to gain a licence - it was, and is, one of the main recruiting lines - you did not, and probably don't now, join the TA RLC to become a steely-eyed dealer of death.... Logically, almost all those deployed in the first few years of TELIC/HERRICK were those who had done just that, and they did fine, so it's obviously not a problem. By the time you're deployable there's unlikely to be any need for TA RLC (there's not a lot now) in HERRICK, so go along and have a look.

OF course, you'd be even better off with the REME, but there's a Det of those at Stonecot as well :)
I know that there are regulations about hours for rest and driving LGV in civvy street and that TA causes (caused?) a problem when the Regs first came out. Is there the same Regs for train drivers?
Well it might be because it would be driving but i only on average do a 35 hour week on the trains, max is 48 i believe and generally Dont work more then 3-4 days without rest days, though can be upto 6 days some weeks but not often. Max working day on the trains is 9h15.Obviously its something i would have to investigate but i think i was a bit confusing with my first post. I want to do lgv driving part time but obviously would have to pay for it but if i can do it in the ta then i wouldn't need to do it outside of that, plus as a bonus i would get the licence so its a win win situation if i do do it in the ta.

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