Royal Logistics Corps Officer's Uniform

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by gaetano, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. 2012-04-12-01.jpg
    Can anyone in the forum explain why the above Officer, whom I identify as a R.L.C.'s, accompanying the inspecting G.O., is wearing what looks like a "Frock Coat", which should be reserved to General Officers? Thanks a lot and regards
  2. If you give me 10 minutes, I'll phone the chancer up and put him in the picture. ******* lorry drivers getting above their station again.
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  3. Yup.

  4. Thank you all; but to what extent "probably"? Know of any relevant Regs about it? Thanks
  5. Actually, some appointments within LONDIST specify frock coat and full acoutrements. IIRC, Comd Log Sp falls into that category and, ironically for a spur-wearing mob, is required to ride. A horse that is.

  6. Bit old for an ADC methinks.
  7. Is it because he is an ADC to the Queen?
  8. Look at the pride on the woodentops' faces having successfully passed inspection by an RLC Officer.
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  9. I say.
    That "Woodentop" is a member of Her Majesties Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards you bloody lot of oiks.

  10. So?
  11. It's actually a legacy arising from the now defunct RAOC trade of victualler. Officers within such supply area were automatically enrolled, once the rank of Major had been attained, in the Worshipful Company of Victuallers and Wine Merchants - as a condition of that membership they were required to wear said frock coat. Furthermore, any of their progeny that subsequently joined the RAOC, or its less illustrious successor the RLC, retained the right to dress accordingly. I once raised a complaint to the Regimental Council of Colonels but, as is usual with that particularly body, it was dismissed out of hand.
  12. Please that be true.

    What did the RCT bring to the RLC - a reputation for stealing jam.

    What did the RAOC bring to the Corps - Conductor, a shit load of gallantry medals and FROCKCOATS.
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  13. Bandmasters/ Directors of music wear frock coats at times. They deffinately arent Generals.
  14. If it's any help I occasionally wear a black velvet smoking jacket over my otherwise naked body. I'm definitely not a General.
  15. Nor do you inspect HM Foot Guards regiments in that attire. Do you?