Royal Logistics Corps Cane

Discussion in 'RLC' started by afc2153, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Would anyone be good enough to tell me what wood is used for a Royal Logistics Corps Cane
  2. Well it's got me stumped.
  3. My Grandad reckons it's hickory.
    He's only been dead for three years, so how he keeps up with modern developments is beyond me,
    hold on, he's knocking at the kitchen table as we speak. We'll get back to you in a min.
  4. Don't call it that; people get excited.
  5. Get yourself an RAOC version - far, far superior in quality, utility and style.
  6. Why are you speaking serbo-croat :?:
  7. sorry chatroom speak, i shouldn't use it here. means "laugh my arse off"
  9. I know ' I just couldn't resist it :D Pathetic I know but ............
  10. I suggest walnut for your Royal Logistics [sic] Corps cane!
  11. :D In the old RCT, we had canes shaped like dipsticks made from Polish mahogany. :D
  12. Rattan!

    (Is there a prize of some sort...?)
  13. Yes, he's going to have one made & then come around to shove it up your arse with no lube!