Royal Logistic Corps receives freedom of Bicester

Soldiers of the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) have received the freedom of Bicester:
BBC News

The Freedom of Entry of Bicester was given to 1 Regiment RLC, which has been based at St David's Barracks since 2014 after moving from Germany.

Following a church service, troops paraded through the town to Garth Park with bayonets drawn, led by the RLC Corps Band.

Mayor Sean Gaul said it showed their "strong relationship" with Bicester.

What's the big deal, I never received a letter of 'Freedom' nor was I ever stopped walking around Bicester in uniform either :)


Entitles them to a free small coffee at Bister retail village on Sundays between 0400, and 0415 hrs. ( bring your own cup )

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