Royal Logistic Corps Grantham Open weekend 28th-30th April

The Royal Logistic Corps are holding a "Look at Life" weekend on the 28th April-30th April 2006 in Grantham.

This will include a broad introduction to the Nationally Recruited TA and careers available within the Royal Logistic Corps via presentations and activities.

Off road driving.
Camouflage, concealment and living in the field.
Presentations by serving personnel on their TA experiences.
Command tasks (for you to test your leadership skills).
Introduction to personal equipment and personal weapons of the British Army.

Have fun! They are always good weekends for those that have had second thoughts about joining the TA. There is still no committment to join at the end of the weekend, and you are more than welcome to take the application forms away and discuss with friends and family!

For more information, call 0115 957 3221 or email:

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