Royal Logistic Corps 20 years old 05-04-2013

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonnopne21, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. As its the RLC 20th birthday on Friday I would like to celebrate the day
    with past and present Loggies with their memories of our beloved corps with Photos and stories

    RLC 05-04-1993.jpg
    re-badging parties

    RLC 05-04-1993a.jpg
    Colonel-in-Chief inspection

    corp march.jpg
    the regimental Corps march "On Parade"
  2. Being a RAOC man im not going to go into "shouldnt of joined the Trogs" rant but what i will say, the RLC was a lot better in those first few years than what it is now. And im afraid it will get worse before the light in the proverbial tunnel comes into view!
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  3. Celebrate isn't the word I would use.
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  4. AH, the sheet music for On Parade.

    I've never actually heard the music, recorded or live.
  5. Holy schitt! If I was still in I'd be hitting my 20 year point this year. Now feel old.
  6. I have socks older than that.
  7. List its achievements since that date.
  8. I recall being on the re-badge parade in Sennelager and we tried to march to that bloody tune (the first time anyone - Including the RSM who was stood beside me - had heard it). o one managed it.
    Oh, and as the stackers said. It was a lot better in the early days when there was still a lot if unit/trade cohesion to be felt. After a few years it all got watered down and wasn't really replaced with anything.
    Oh, and before anyone goes on about the RASC you should take into account that the RASC was split up to reflect specialisations into various corps. The formation of the RLC did the opposite.
    I hate to use the analogy, but it turned lots of prime cuts into the MRM of the army.
  9. Three GCs and numerous other awards while conducting some very challenging logistical tasks across the middle east and eastern europe, among others.

    And we're ******* ace at skiing.
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  10. the Corps March just for crazy legs!
  11. But did the RLC need to be formed to allow the RAOC Ammo Techs to gain these medals or loose some limbs??? (sorry Dingerr you know what i mean!). Or indeed the RCT to drive their big trucks on Route Triangle to Vitez or down the 501????? NO, so its hardly an achievement because of the formation.
    These things happened because of the time not the Corps. So try and answer the question again, but posed like this...
    What achievement(s) has the RLC managed that couldnt of been done in its previous guises?
  12. Ref that march thing, ive never ever heard it before! So much for Corps identity!!!!!
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    The only thing missing from the gathering together of stackers, trogs and ration assasins was a fuel air bomb :D
  15. Of the four Corps and one Service that formed the RLC, one has gone and two others are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. I know it's a bit radical but why don't the split those remaining into Ordnance or Transport. Radical eh?