Royal Leamington Spa Walt

Seen at the parade this morning at Royal Leamington Spa this morning by twitter poster @aardbloke

Twitter / Aardbloke: This Bellend was on parade ...

Haven't got the time to look up all the medals, but looks odd for a guy thats supposedly serving - and why not court mounted?

Answers on the back of a postcode please.
If he was a propper walt he would have taken more care with his appearance. Just looks like someone "special" to me.


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I would have worm my VC's today only the silver is coming off them .
Hush. He is obviously a Very Brave Chap: the medal on the top row closest to his shoulder is the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.
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The one next to it is the Military Cross.

OK, so he may have them mounted in the wrong order but, hey! you were'nt there, man. You were'nt there.
Has anyone the ability if I send them a picture to post it ? its not a walt its a picture taken on Friday of a paractice parade the office Flt Lt VR is the biggest bag of shit going his pants have never seen an iron he is VERY fat jacket too small and his shirt is out
Since he has a MC he must be commissioned - assuming that he was awarded the CGS while an Officer in the RM he must then be Captain Jeremy Mark Merchant, Royal Marines,, the only Marine Office to be so decorated with the CGS. only problem is that Cap. Merchant was not awarded the MC. So, excluding the possibility that he has served in different branches and while in different branches was awarded separate medals for gallantry, he is either a WM or, as some one pointed out " special"
I'd be more impressed if just once, somebody took a picture of the alleged walt, then posted it with an account of what occured when they confronted said walt. Strangely the waltenkommando only ever seem to do the first part.

Outraged enough to take a snidey photo, but not enough to speak out.
How come no one is ever a RLC walt. Most appear to be Para or SAS wanabees. Don't they know there is dignity in a trade.
Since he has a MC he must be commissioned
You don't have to be commisioned to receive the MC, or any other medal for that matter.

Unless you're inferring he received it in the Falklands when it was an Officers only medal.
I like the comments on chap states the medals might be fore deceased family, he is told that then they should be on the right(correct) to which he replies that he got his sides muddled up and he indeed wears his own medals on the left. He then states he just missed the Falklands and still has another year to serve... are there many 30 year vetrans that don't know what side medals go on? ;)

As for the original "Walt"... He looks nothing like Disney!
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