Royal Lancashire Regiment?

That this House notes with satisfaction that, in compliance with the Ministry of Defence requirement and following exhaustive deliberation, the three Infantry regiments of the North West have agreed to form a large regiment and have all accepted that it should be entitled 'The Royal Lancashire Regiment'; welcomes this title's recognition that the new regiment, carrying the traditions of no fewer than six of Lancashire's old regiments, will depend on the historic County Palatine for well over 90 per cent. of its soldiers; and calls on the Ministry of Defence to form a Royal Lancashire Regiment of two regular and two volunteer battalions.

Sad day for the old Border Regiment (Cumberland & Westmoreland)(34th and 55th Foot) who amalgamated with the King's Own Royal Regiment(Lancaster)(4th Foot) in 1959 to form the King's Own Border Regiment, who, as far as I'm aware, never regarded themselves as a Lancashire regiment
I think the title Royal Lancaster Regiment might be more appropriate.
Even money one of the two battalions of this new regiment will be chopped within 10 years.

Kings Div = shambles.
isleofwightrifles said:
A shame for the Cumbrians, but all the weight of the NW recruiting area is in Lancashire (Manchester, Liverpool and Bolton).
Not forgeting Carlisle, Barrow, Workington and Fiji

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