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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gallagher, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I'm a wanabee army officer at this point with the aim of joining after University as an infantry officer. I was hoping you guys could give me a good insight into the Royal Irish (ie. their officers, respect and thoughts around the army) as their website and searches on this forum hasn't brought up the desired results.

  2. They're a superb outfit mate but I'd say it would be a good option for you to talk to HHQ first of all because places will be hard to get. You've got three first rate line regiments amalgamated into one and you'll be competing with the sons, grandsons and great-grandsons of every officer who ever served with them. That means they can afford to set their standards very high and having been amongst them a lot recently that would appear to be the case.
  3. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Ring up their RHQ and get yourself on a visit to the 1st Battalion. Its the only way to find out for sure - try and go for a week, with a couple of days at least on exercise or training with the lads.

    And the sooner the better, before Sandhurst.

  4. I naively never thought of that and it's starting to make me a bit nervous. I'm actually still in Upper Sixth with the aim of joining the QUOTC. What do you reckon would be a smart move for me to pursue to increase my chances as I have had only an uncle in the RIR reaching Corporal.
  5. You're doing the right thing by investigating it now. You can find out if there might be a place for you or if you've no chance you've plenty of time to rethink.

    It's Paddy's Day in a couple of weeks. Why not blag a visit (phone the adjutant) and see them in their natural environment. I'd take a flak jacket if I were you. They will be letting a lot of steam off :plotting:
  6. Can you determine you place even before you try to start university because I was planning to leave all army decisions until I'm in Uni and have a place on the the OTC as I'm upto my eye balls this year with work and studies etc.
  7. You can't determine anything until you've:

    a. spoken to them and find out what their interest is in you.
    b. passed selection at RCB.

    You may find their may be some sponsorship of your university place if you do get accepted but don't expect anything until you've spoken to someone who knows exactly what might be on offer if you pass RCB. (or not, as the case may be).

    If you can find Professor Fee at QUB he may be of some assistance.
  8. The Royal Irish are a good bunch and have a great operational record with recent deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan (have a look a couple of the other threads, 'Irish in Afghanistan' & 'Soldiering On' in this forum).

    They will select you on your merits (and not those of your great grandfather etc). Give the recruiting office in Holywood a call and they can get the procedure started and give you an idea of the different options. There is no huge rush and QUOTC will give you a good insight into the Army, but you may want to consider applying for Army sponsorship through Uni (always a bonus) and so start the process earlier.

    Once you have spoken to the recruiters they will be able to tee up a visit to suit you, though the Royal Irish will be pretty busy over the next couple of years (Kenya/Afghanistan etc).
  9. Gallagher,

    I have sent you a PM. The Royal Irish regularly hold Potential Officer familiarisation visits at Fort George and the most recent one was earlier this month. It's never too early to come and have a look and see if you like what you see, (and more importantly we like what we see).

    Either way no firm decision will be made until you are at Sandhurst and going through the expression of interest period. Therefore you have plenty of time. If your desire is to join Queens OTC you will be in good company as there are always 1 or 2 people there who are interested in joining.

    Good luck and we may see you up here in Fort George or in Tern Hill when we move there.

  10. Just remember to bring a good topcoat with you mate. It's buckin freezin up there and the wind goes right through ye.
  11. Gallagher - QUOTC is a good place to start, but if you really fancy a challenge, give the Rangers a try as a TAPO, or just give it a go as an OR and go for commission when you leave uni.

    Several of our younger guys are doing that, all with an eye to a place with the Royal Irish when they finish uni, but using their TA time to build up experience.
  12. As always you guys have gave me lots of help. If anyone else has got any views or advice please posts because it is greatly appreciated.
  13. Young Gallagher, the best advice I can give you is to follow the advice already given. Get over to Fort George as soon as possible to see the guys. for two reasons:

    1. Because all your questions will be answered.
    2. Because Fort George is a marvellous place to see - even if it may not be the dog's bolleaux if you have to live in it.
  14. QUOTC is a good place to start, you will get a good grounding in the process from people who have come through it.

    You can join QUOTC and get a general overview, and if you want to you can commission with us while still at uni, or go the TAPO route and train with any of the TA Units in NI.
  15. Youn G,

    Have a chat with the RO2 (Officers) at HQ R IRISH. I will PM you his number. He will be able to discuss your asperations and may even be able to arrange your visit to Fort George etc.