Royal Irish - your help is needed!

Any of you that have recently served with 1 R IRISH will know Ranger Andy Allen. He was wounded in Musa Qala last year and lost both legs and is now partially sighted.

Andy is still at Headley Court but is doing a land rover pull in Belfast on 20th June to raise money for Norton House (where his Mum, Fiancee and young son stay when they visit him).

Follow the link to show your support for this worthy cause:


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Nesbit216 said:
you not hreard of the credit crunch ?
You are being invited to contribute. If your circumstances are such that you can't nobody is going to think any the less of you.

However I now think less of for posting that response on this thread.
Nesbit216 said:
you not hreard of the credit crunch ?
I have just bunged £25 to Andy's Help For Heroes page; £20 because I massively admire what he's doing, and another £5 for you because you're brassic.
Enjoy my generosity.

In order to repay me, please take a cheese grater to your bell-end and put the footage on YouTube.


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