Royal Irish, Royal Dragoon Guards or Queens Royal Hussars?

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Hello and thanks in advance for the comments (if there are any).
I am waiting for my ADSC in April and need to choose my Regiments. As of now they are, in order of preference RIR, RDG, QRH. But now I am thinking I have made a mistake. Me being from The Republic Of Ireland, I leapt at the thought of the ROYAL IRISH REGIMENT with their Shamrock and Harp but I am now realising what a mistake I have made. I want it to be hard, physically and mentally, I want to meet new people from different backgrounds, I want to be in the field and in the dirt. I plan on being an expedition leader when I leave and was wondering which Regiment would suit me best?
As stupid as it sounds, and I will probably think differently the moment it happens, I want to see a tour if one comes up. I dont want to sit on my arse hole and dissolve.
Anything will help me here! Thank you
Your not even in yet and your already planning about leaving? focus on getting in first. You are always going to meet different people from all over the place no matter what regiment you join... It's not all irish in the RIR just like it's not all scots in scots guards. The army (no matter what job you do) is always going to be hard both physically and mentally. You've chosen combat roles, you are going to get what you wished for.

Good luck in what ever it is you choose to do.

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