Discussion in 'Infantry' started by black_maskers, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Load of tosh. Full of inaccuracies.
  2. Good Afternoon sir!
  3. It is indeed, it was only 7 million, and I'm a Captain.
    Ralph Harland
  4. Dear boy!

    How is the catheterisation proceeding?

    Join me for a lunchtime snifter on OFTI, if free . . . .

    This 1RIR scam is bollox, btw.
  5. It's far too well written and believable to be Nigerian :)
  6. US$9.5 million eh? So that's where I left it by God!...forget ma'head if it weren't on ma'shoulders!
  7. Same sort of thing has been occuring here with the 82nd, USMC, and assorted other units being used...
  8. its not that much - the IRA do jobs for this kind of cash for fun!