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Royal Irish Regiment

Okay, so I've been researching several fields within the army to join for a while now. I now the home service for northern ireland was disbanded ages ago so im looking to join the TA, 2 R IRISH or 1 R IRISH. Although I'm looking for more of a commitment and challenge so personally I don't think TA will do it for me.

So that leaves 1 or 2 R IRISH. Basically what i want to know is if anyone on these forums is in R IRISH then can you tell me what it's like? Im 20 years old and can't stand boring desk jobs and sales assistant jobs. I'm ready to do something exciting and challenging. I would join the Infantry.

Can somebody answer the following questions:
1. How long does the application process take?
2. If accepted, are all expenses paid for when tests & training overseas?
3. Are you paid while traning, if so, how much to start off?

Thanks in advance for not taking the micky out of this post lol :p
Steel_City_Blade said:
1. Application process takes no time at all. It is their acceptance process which slows it all down.
2. Doubt it with regard to "tests".
3. Have you tried looking on www.armyjobs.mod.uk

Probably one of the friendliest replies you'll get.
Thanks steel, yes i have looked on the website, although theres only so much information you can look at. I thought it would be better to ask the people who have actually experienced it.

I just wasnt sure if it would cost me since im only a student with a part time job. Just wanted to know if id be able to afford everything to get into the army e.g. travel etc.

Can you give me a rough estimate of how much you spend during the whole process of training etc?
First step is to phone the ACIO at Palace, look in the phone book under Armed Forces Recruiting, they will have heard all the questions you have hundreds of times before.

Any travel you have to do to the mainland for FAM visits/selection/testing/etc will be paid for by the MOD just like any other potential recruit. In fact flights from the city airport to heathrow are often cheaper than rail travel for mainland recruits.

You will also be fed and accomodated so you wont be out of pocket except for what you spend on extras while youre there.

Edited for mong type
if you send for an information pack off the website they send you a letter with all the wages and stuff on
first of all 2 royal irish is the TA so ur only option for full time is 1 royal irish. have u thought of 2 rifles based in ballykinlar? a few ex home service guys have went there....

It has all the information you need (and yes, I have read what went before - there is nothing that you have asked about that you won't be able to find) and it won't take the p*ss out of you
As previously said, 2RIR is TA. The rifles are a light infantry regiment, with their 2nd Bn currently based in Ballykinler at Abercorn Barracks (it's near Dundrum if you're unfamiliar). At the moment however, most of them are in Kosovo. As for your other questions..

1. How long does the application process take?
My friend entered the process 2 months ago, and starts basic in September, so perhaps that can gauge it for you? (He's off to 1RIR)

2. If accepted, are all expenses paid for when tests & training overseas?
What exactly do you mean..?

3. Are you paid while traning, if so, how much to start off?
Yes, go there --> http://www.armedforces.co.uk/army/listings/l0104.html
Down at the very bottom is the new entry rate of pay.
cheers guys, someone PMed me with all the answers i need.

mcclurg: "2. If accepted, are all expenses paid for when tests & training overseas?
What exactly do you mean..?"

Partially I meant to ask if we would be getting any income while training in order to pay accomodation etc. Or would all the expenses like accomodation be paid for?
2 R IRISH deploy out on active Operations and are in Afghan at the min. You can get attached to a regular unit. A relitive of mine did that.

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