Royal Irish regiment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dutch_paddy, May 19, 2006.

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  1. With a certain amount of interest, I have not seen a post in regard to the redundancy of the R IRISH. I would be very interested in your views of OUR demise and the amount of money awarded to us. Do we deserve this? :D
  2. You deserve every penny. The demise is sad but the efforts & sacrifices made were so hard. You boys served proud. In particular the home service who were at the sharp end were an inspiration. We salute you. Any fat REMF who is jealous of the payout is just a REMF. May your spirit and tradition live on.

    Faugh A Ballagh
  3. Sorry I did not make myself clear! £28,000 tax free plus normal redunacy terms tax free and if you have served over twelve years an immediate pension. I have posted a similar thread onto a website Slugger O'Toole and the Republicans say good riddence to bad bad rubbish. I have spent twenty years as a peace keeper not a warrior, this is a genuine request for input what do the rst of the Army fell when they are being amalgamated and cut back to save money. Is our situation a one off?
  4. Any firm closing down pays out redundancy. For soldiers that have worked and lived in an operational environment deserve every penny they get. It is a very unfortunate thing to see the disbandment of the home service, leaving the 1st Battalion out there in the big bad army on their own. Certainly everyone I know feels you very much deserve all that you are getting.

    Faugh A Ballagh
  5. Thank you to those who have replied. 93 views three posts come on people tell me what you think. This redundancy is being paid for with Army money not taking money from hospitals and children.
  6. seeing as how your members of parliment have been paid for doing sweet fa, for 3 & half years plus been flown back and forth from belfast to london every day, and the nice little side benefits like second house payments, plus food & drink ,, and when things go wrong in n.i, just blame the english , get stuck in mate we brits are good for it, you lot have been suckering the english tax payer for 37 years plus, whats a few more grand

  7. All that need to know, know (eventually).
    All that don't, don't (unfortunately sooner).

    We can all wait for the paperwork and the inevitable bad press/publicity.
  8. We are not ministers we are the Army we do what we are told Loius the fourteenth said that the canon is the last argument of kings, Sod it I am getting drunk and listening to Billy Connelly, so many views so little posts goodnight :eek:
  9. Dutch Paddy:

    I don't believe you are who you claim to be. You would know exactly what other members of the Army and those within the community think regarding our redundancy. Everyone I meet while on or off duty has given their two pence on the subject, and my colleagues have experienced the same.

    Go fish somewhere else mate.

  10. Who is ours Dutch? I think Bossdog may well have a point.

    Although there have been posts on this subject and a few answers might be in Here

    or Here
  11. Journalist is probably what I will do when I get out! BFPO 806 is where I live and work, for now. I understand your thoughts in regard to what people in the military think, yes but I thought this holds our people apart from Service Personnel and I fancied the idea of getting their views as its their money thats being spent. I am very sorry if this thread has offended anyone out there, in my defence I was well over the legal limit (Whiskey for preference).
  12. i believe tha the RI Regiment (HS) deserve every penny that they get, having served at omagh lad and worked along side them, i know that they are a hard working and dedicated bunch of guys and gals. The world will be worse of without them.
  13. Off on a tangent, but, I am surprised the feminists arent up in arms about the disbandment of the HS.

    Can anyone else tell me of a infantry reg where women serve? :wink: