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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by waldo, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. I really do feel sorry for the Scottish Regiments but at least they will carry on in another form but as for the Royal Irish Regiment by the stroke of a pen there will be 3000 men made redundant on August the 1st 2007.

    I know we may not have the long history of the Scottish regiments but like them we served with honour, loyalty and dignity to be disbanded just to suit the present political climate.

    At present we have less than 12 months before the first soldiers are released and as yet we have not been told what our redundancy package will be and as for resettlement they are going to try to resettle 3000 in less than 12 months. I know we were raised to do a particular job and now the politicians are telling everyone that that threat has gone but the dogs in the street here know that it hasn't. But even if it had there is no question of re rolling us, for us its over and thats that.

    We served with honour but were stabbed in the back.
  2. Waldo,

    I'm an Irish Catholic, whose grandfather - among other things - was locked-up in Ballykinlar c.1920 for IRB activities, and two of my mother's cousins were part of the garrison of the G.P.O. during Easter Week; and trite as it may sound, I can only offer my sympathies for, and nod sadly in agreement at, the politically expedient predicament into which the Royal Irish have been manoeuvred.


    Faugh a Ballagh
  3. Waldo I fully support the Home Service and those that came before them, I proudly wear the "Served with Honour, Stabbed in the back" pin badge, family members were in the UDR.

    But do not make out the R Irish are being wiped out entirely, the 1st Bn will continue.

    Faugh A Ballagh.
  4. Why dont the 1st Batt revert back to their original title the Royal Irish Rangers.

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  5. Hi Manchestercop

    The point that I want to make is that there is 3000 men being made redundant and the way the government and in particular the MOD are handling the wind down of the home service.

  6. I would agree totaly and at a time when the skills are really needed, if not at home then certainly in a land far far away (drug ridden inner city sink estates not withstanding).

    But then in all honesty did we expect anything else from this appeasing, lower than a snakes belly goverment???
  7. When, in a few years time a new IRA starts its campaign, will it be the UDR again or back to the Royal Irish?!

    Politians, especially this breed of new labour haven't and never will learn......
  8. Waldo. The history of the Irish regiments is as long and illustrious as that of their Scottish contemporaries. The demise of the Irish regiments is as great a disgrace as that of the Scots'.
  9. It's a disgrace that the home battalions of the R IRISH should be disbanded.I have many friends of whom have served their country within its ranks and are now to be kicked on their arrses with no thanks.The history of the R IRISH maybe not as long as some other regiments but a regiments history should not just cease to exist after a certain date and we have the politicians to thank for this, they will see wat happens to NI after the army is cut to a bare minimum.But there is some things that may help those from the home batts to still be in the army like the fair that is being put on at st.patricks barracks ballymena for the home batts to come to and enlist themselves in other regiments to keep them going but i don't yet know if the people who will take the lump sum will be able to join again or will it be join another regiment and ditch the lump sum.
  10. There's lots of rumours flying around, but the main one seems to be that soldiers who elect to take the pay-off can not re-enlist for 3 years, thereby having to start all over again.
  11. This is the thing every thing is rumour at the moment. If the powers to be would even turn round and say there will be no anousement untill Sept well thats fine but this carry on it will be next week or the week after is crap.All these rumours are killing the soldiers and there familys . We know we are going all we want to know is what we are getting for a package and are we going to get any help to find jobs.

    At the moment the goverment are doing some thing that the terrorist never mangaed to to which is to kill morale .
  12. Don't plan to be anywhere other that in barracks next Thur - 2nd Mar 06!
  13. Is this fact or another rumour Tango
  14. Waldo,

    Check your PM on this site.

  15. Thanks for that TZA