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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by irlsgt, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. I've always wondered how this works.

    In the Royal Irish there is a regular battalion, a number of home service battalions and a TA battalion.

    But a number of offical sites and publications refer to x amount of full time troops and y amount of part time troops.

    Are what is refered to as part time troops the TA element or are they a different group?
  2. No, part time means that they have a full time job or are doing it for the love of it (paid) and do their Internal security bit.

    TA aren't part of the RIR but they do field a Bn the Rangers.
  3. Irlsgt - was you on the parade today? Didn't look too bad at all (apart from the officer cadets who can't march! :wink: )
  4. R Irish:

    1st Bn: General Service - All full time Regs.
    2nd Bn: Home Service - Full & Part time Regs.
    3rd Bn: Home Service - Full & Part time Regs.
    4th Bn: Home Service - Full & Part time Regs.
    The Rangers: TA Bn - TA.

    That is my understanding of the R Irish, who is this RIR some of you speak of? :wink:
    Obviously the disbandment of teh 3 HS Bn's happens on the 1st August 2007.

    Busterdog will know, PM him.
  5. manchestercop has it pretty much spot on. The Home Service Bns have both full time and part time companies.

  6. I think you might mean the RDF (formerly FCÁ) who were inspected by H.E. The President just prior to the start of the parade proper - their arms drill wasn't too bad, but their foot drill was appalling. That said, there was a contingent of cadets mixed in with other PDF and RDF personnel later on during the march past, and some of their number were marching out of kilter. However, I felt the parade was quite impressive, and I was speculating fancifully at how wonderful it would have been to send the ARW recce gun-jeeps around the corner to Sinn Féin HQ :twisted:
  7. No - I thought the RDF/FCA were ok - it was later on and defo officer cadets - even the UN vets did better.

    When did the Rangers get the Ford jeeps? They looked like they were straight out of their wrappers - the last photos I saw they had land Rovers. Are the Fords any good?

    The Mowags looked a decent bit of kit - unlike our new 432's! But the Air Corps turn out was embarrassing - some air clubs have better planes!
  8. What makes you so sure they were cadets?

  9. RTE commentator mentioned it - mind you, he kept saying ve-hick-le instead of vehicle!
  10. Hmmm, its just that cadets tend to be very good at drill. Didn't Jackie Kennedy request a cadet drill team for John F. Kennedy's funeral?

    Did the bad marchers have a white rim round their hats? I'm not sure but I suspect all cadets have this? Perhaps someone could confirm it?

  11. Cadets from the Military College have a white cap band with a small green band superimposed. They also have white epaulettes, and like officers wear brown shoes; their uniform is of a slightly lighter shade to ORs. It wouldn't surprise me if one of the RTÉ commentators 'got it wrong' in this instance, as the commentary of some of those commentating was decidedly ropey - a certain woman referred to the RDF honour guard as being drawn from the 65th RDF Brigade instead of Battalion.

    Well remembered Tricam - Jackie Kennedy did indeed specifically request a contingent from the Cadet School to perform the reverse arms drill at JFK's funeral (this drill had been performed for them during their visit here). In the programme they were referred to as the 'Special Honour Guard'.

    I'll check with my father, but at the time it was probably performed using the FN FAL, though it could have possibly been the Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle.

  12. Very close, just one thing. Home Service do not have regs. They are on 'Home Service' contracts. They cannot be called to the colours like the TA.
  13. Home service also now have the Home Service Worldwide contract.
    Brought in about three years ago?

    Essentially 1st Battallion normal general service battallion

    2 (Palace) ,3 (Drumadd) & 4 (St Lucia) all home service battalions

    Then the Rangers (Portadown) which is the TA element (No internal security role)
  14. Home Service cannot be called to the colours. The contract you refer to allows them to volunteer for service elsewhere.

    1st Battalion - correct. Busy sunning themselves on the exotic beaches of Fort George.

    Royal Irish Rangers - for give me for saying so but Portadown is HQ (North Irish Militia) Coy. They other coys are dotted around the place, including D (London Irish Rifles) Coy, on the King's Road, Chelsea.

    Unless something has changed which I don't know about.