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For anyone interested in history, photos and stories relating to the old Royal Irish Constabulary check out this website

The R.I.C. was disbanded in 1922 being replaced (in the 6 counties of Ulster) by the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and by the Garda Siochana in the 26 county Irish Free State.

The site tries to avoid political and sectarian issues and is primarily dedicated to fostering an understanding of the RIC as a policing body, through genealogical research and family reminiscences.

It also deals with the Black and Tans and the Auxiliary Division RIC; and for example contains photographs of the graves of those killed in famous ambushes.

Also shown are examples of the weapons and equipment used by old Irish Policing forces.

Peter Mc
"Get out there and shoot them off the streets."
"Someone has to knock the dust out of their eyes or the Republican Army will come back"
2 quotes from my grandfather in spring 1969 a few months before he died aged 91. He had a full career in The RIC. He saw the trouble brewing in the same way they had forseen the emergence of the free state in 1910.
I read about them in the book 'The Thin Green Line,the history of the RUC (GC)' by Richard Doherty which,initself,is a bloody good read.
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