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  1. Well the Old Lady is finally closing after 256 years of service. :cry:

    Most departments are now closed and the final few remaining will be closed by the end of next week.

    Thought I'd start this thread so people could write any memories, comments etc. rather than let the closure pass by without anyone noticing.

  2. I will let my husband know when he gets home from course, he used to work at 33 Field Hosp next door and had dealings with the hospital. When we left in 2005, the petitions we signed and I know the community didnt want it to close, has a lot of history for a lot of people.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Our "heartfelt thanks" must go out to the MoD for the closure of RH Haslar*.

    *Delete Haslar and insert CMH, QEMH, DKMH, BMH Rinteln, BMH Hannover, PMH Wroughton, BMH Hong Kong, BMH Berlin, RNH Stonehouse and any other I have forgotten.

    How can the UK Govt in the 21st Century stand by and have Armed Forces with no dedicated Military Hospital.

    If the rest of NATO/ Western Armed Forces have numerous Military facilities, its a shame we have nothing except rotting overgrown grafittied shells wasting away.
  4. I am so angry, and so sad about this.
  5. Haslar, what a place! I was only there for about 4 months in 1996 before being posted to the newly formed 33 Fd Hosp next door.

    Steeped in history, loved the way the Seniors Mess (which had a great bar and stair case!) opened directly into the hospital, brilliant views out over the Solent. The theatres and the way the Navy ran things in that dept were really good (then the Army took over and it went down hill).

    Another piece of our history bites the dust, I'm sure that the property developers (plus the govt and any military who are in line for alleged back handers) will make a pretty packet from it when it becomes luxury flats. Got to love that DCS 15!
  6. Once again proof that monetary value has taken over from true value.
    There are many third world countries that still have military hospitals, some of the world leading hospitals are military ones, great to work in the best one to be a patient in, pity that the non-factual stories that they only treated military patients that were allowed to proliferate giving the impression that they were never busy, I admit we were a bit top heavy in the admin departments but it always worked at full capacity short waiting lists, ambulance crew being asked to go to the CMH rather than another hospital even if it was almost outside, now where's my soap box.
  7. A survey commissioned by MOD reported in 1983 that complete refurbishment (And I mean complete, new boilers etc) of CMH & Louise Margaret would be about a third of the cost of building a military wing at Frimley Park.A petition was raised to save the hospitals, and would have been delivered to Maggie's Den had it not been (allegedly) vetoed by the (Tory) mayor.
  8. But they never built a military wing either, we had two wards then we had one ward now we have no wards!
  9. Did they ever intend to or was it one of those plucked out of the air thoughts that became semi-factual?
  10. well you dont save money buy spending it!
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Haslar. My first placement as a student nurse was on E3 while the hospital was still military (1999). I went back for my last placement and was subsequently posted there in 2002 and boy could you tell that it had become civvy (and not in a positive way).

    The thing that struck me about Haslar (99) was the military ethos. The nursing was top notch, the patients loved it, all the staff got on well and it was a thoroughly enjoyable place to learn my first lessons in nursing. But above all there was a self discipline in the working area. Matron's rounds were taken very seriously, damp dusting was something you did automatically without being pressed into it, you knew your patients, lateness was almost unheard of and sickness was a real exception and not the rule as it now seems to be.

    How sad that the bean counters have had their way but I feel that the real Haslar (insert all the fine establishments mentioned in an earlier post) died 7 or 8 years ago when the NHS took over the management and funding of the site.

    RIP Haslar
  12. Obviously never heard female logic when shopping in sales
  13. Had an MRI in Haslar last year but my abiding memory is of licking a nursing officers tea towel holder in her grot in the mess after a night of emmas formation drinking. She had a right eskimo glove and her balloon knot was the lesser of two evils
  14. I'll never forget my stalking loon of a MoD plod chick that I had the aquaintance of for several months while I was at 33, certainly made going round to Haslar (guardroom when she was on nights) a more pleasant experience than it ever was when I worked in the hospital!
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice to see it was closed with stealth. People I spoke too are unaware of its demise.