Royal Hospital Chelsea robbed

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The Grauniad said:
Chelsea Pensioners victims of Remembrance Sunday robbery

Over £6,000 stolen from central London veterans' club, hours after former soldiers had attended remembrance services

Press Association, Tuesday 16 November 2010 18.02 GMT

Poppies in a garden of remembrance on Armistice Day. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Thieves who stole more than £6,000 from Chelsea Pensioners may have deliberately targeted their veterans' club after Armistice Day, one of the club's busiest days of the year.

Police were called when thieves broke into a safe in the veterans' club at the Royal Hospital, in central London, after it closed on Sunday night. The raid happened hours after the former soldiers had attended remembrance services to honour their fallen comrades.

Dozens of Chelsea Pensioners were joined by relatives and friends at the club on one of its busiest days of the year after the ceremonies, and Major General Peter Currie, the lieutenant governor of the Royal Hospital, said he suspected the intruders knew there would be a large amount of money.

He said: "It is terribly sad, coming at the end of remembrance weekend, and it is not the first time.

"If there is a club of that sort, it is likely to have been a busy weekend with a higher level of takings than normal.

"You cannot go to a bank on a Sunday night. If somebody was going to do it at any time, the end of the weekend of remembrance is a good one.

"At the Royal Hospital it is a moment of great significance, a lot of people end up in the club visiting us. If anyone was looking at it through a burglar's pair of spectacles, you might think that it was a good time."

Currie added that a thief had been filmed on CCTV stealing a Royal British Legion poppy appeal collection tin from the chapel in 2006. He was never identified.

The Royal Hospital is a retirement and nursing home for former members of the British army.

Founded in 1682 by King Charles II, it was set up to provide "succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war".

A Metropolitan police spokesman said forensic experts had visited the club in an attempt to identify those responsible.

He said: "Police were called to the Pensioner's club [at] the Royal Hospital, Chelsea Gate, to reports of a burglary. Inquiries continue."
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